Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Polls for and against

In all fairness, I thought it will be a good idea to also put up another poll showing that cabin crew can be the best in the world again. Please vote convincingly as the result may tell us how we are faring.


Anonymous said...

Dear BT

Crew morale is very low. the juniors now dont care about self pride. Most come in with the intention of serving 2 years (their bond) and then leaving. in this process, they dont give a 100%. the worst thing is a majority of them are proudly saying "i am only here for 2 years" when being corrected. As a result, the ones who stay longer than them dont feel it is worth their effort to correct their wrong ways. Also, now that TPT is back, we are just bracing ourselves for more cuts. It is only a matter of time. Management has instructed us to keep soaring, "wow" our passengers, go the extra mile. Just the other day, there was a request on a Tokyo flight to sing "happy Birthday" to a passenger who was flying into Singapore, at the stroke of midnight, "by using caution and not wake the surrounding passengers up". It is hilarious and ridiculous at the same time. Worst still we are dumbfounded that management even entertain these requests. When they introduce cuts or certain guidelines, we get most of the blame since we are frontline. And because of these, complaints come in and we get the blame for not treating the passengers well. It is very frustrating. I dont see us becoming number 1 again. Ever. Unless the management of CC removes its ego and perhaps, adopting some of your suggestions, ie. not treating us like school children, abusing of power etc, we might just be able to climb back up to the number 1 spot. Just Maybe.

LS 5 said...

The entire culture collapsed when newly minted AMs and SVPs started
to disregard the notion of seniority, and rank.

You had seniority & rank by way of name tags, colour of uniform, ties, but
not in practice and regard. On the one hand, they want discipline and regiment.
But you see, it is undermined by malicious reporting which management embraces.

With such "new" culture, who dares to "walk the extra mile" ?
That mile has lots of landmines, one mis-step and ka-boom!

All because CCE who fly had to be paid the same allowances as an IFS ( or more?)
Removing this role, just to save money. They miss the wood for the trees.

The entire model is wrong, and they still believe it works.
It works if you measure the results by way of costs.
Does it work by way of attitudes, commitment,and passion?

I suppose they ignore analysing exit interviews... after all, there is nothing significant there. Or is there?

I wait patiently for a revamp.. but it wont happen.

Anonymous said...

Page 1

Why trying to be number 1 is a tall order for SQ?

The future of aviation is low cost carriers.

Given the uncertainty in the global economy,slowdown in China,fall in oil prices,brexit,terrorism,rise in cost of living,many passengers are reluctant to spend more than they should on air travel. Unless the passenger's ticket is borne by the company,he is unlikely to travel business on a full service airline.In fact,nowadays, even smaller companies opt for low cost air travel as a cost cutting exercise. It is not unusual for companies to send employees on company holidays/ business trips using low cost carriers. Gone are the days when many passengers would value 'class' over cost. The no frills approach adopted by AirAsia (AA) and the like is welcomed by many as it enables them to travel on a budget and still have money for other things. At the same time,because some full service airlines are scaling back on operations,closing hubs,abandoning certain cities etc,it means that passengers have fewer options on when or where they can travel. There are more flights available to the same destination with a low cost airline than a full service one and still at reasonable prices.

Also,the style adopted by the cabin crew of a low cost airline as opposed to a full service one is very different.You only need to take AA and Singapore International Airlines (SQ) as an example. When you fly AA,you often deal with laid back,outgoing,flexible,impersonal,spontaneous FAs but when it comes to SQ,unless you know the FA personally,chances are the FA will be very formal,reserved,rigid and robotic.It's nice to be graceful and charming but honestly, how many passengers even care about how the FA pours the wine,carries the tray or whether her eye shadow matches the rest of her makeup. We would not even notice if the lowly paid FSS wore a nice custom made F.Muller wristwatch or earrings from Tiffany's.If it's a long haul flight,chances are the passenger is tired and even more so if he is in business,as he may have had to attend a meeting or seminar. We appreciate the effort FAs make to look their best and the lengths they are willing to go to for us to feel comfortable but sometimes it is way too much. Some of us just want to get from point A to B and in between,get some rest. We barely have time to notice the FAs,including the good looking ones sometimes.And crew singing the birthday song?? Come on we're not 5 anymore.

Today's Y generation won't just settle for a good remuneration package but would also consider other things when deciding whether to join a company or to stay long.The last thing a company wants is to hire and train someone, only to see them leave after a year. So since gen Y tends to be opinionated and want their opinions heard, the company must also have employees who are equally open. If you have conservative employees who dislike change,then finding new crew members who are just like them will be next to impossible.Don't forget that with the growing influence of social media, people are always willing to give their views even when not asked to and these are the same ones that will turn up on SQ's recruitment day,hoping to be a crew member.

So it is time for the company to accept that today they won't find new recruits like those hired 30 years ago. Today's prospective crew members know what they want and are not afraid to leave unless they feel their views are taken into account. Likewise, if their views are adopted but they don't get any credit for it,they will still leave.Giving them awards at major company events or having their names in the newspapers when they have done something good while on duty,is no longer enough as many companies do this.

Everyone's favorite passenger

Anonymous said...

Page 2

Remove existing barriers to change within the company,which may include stubborn dinosaurs or company policies/procedures/guidelines.Identify areas of weaknesses within the company and potential solutions.Get as many people on board as possible and implement the changes swiftly and make it part of the company's culture.If employees see this great sense of urgency on the part of the company and how the changes now form part of the new company culture,they will take notice.

However,make sure that employees are allowed to also give their input as part of the process since these changes are going to be carried out by them since they are the ones facing the customers. Employees like it when efficiency is improved because of an idea the company adopted which the employees came up with. It makes them feel appreciated and this will make them want to come up with better ways to improve the company.

Do not believe for a second that cabin crew members and those at the office of the company are detached from each other.Look at other airlines and see how all the staff (cabin crew and non cabin crew)are connected and how they feel like they have a stake in the company. Lastly, like Branson said,you must take care of your people,as in the crew members who make the airline what it is.Without them,passengers won't keep flying SQ and revenues will fall,thus affecting everyone's bonus and not just the crew members. So, take the time to find out what the crew members needs are and how working conditions in the cabin can be improved.

A certain Asian owned airline was in the news early this month because of injuries sustained by the passengers during turbulence on a flight in Europe and one of the things that touched the cabin crew was how some of the passengers actually checked on whether any of the FAs were hurt, since they were about to serve the meal. Since the FAs on that flight showed what good hospitality was,the passengers decided to do the same as seen from the comments on the airline's FB page.If the company takes care of the staff,the staff will take care of the customers. Employees must come first and then the customers.

SQ's management is showing that common sense is not so common after all.

Everyone's favorite passenger

Anonymous said...

Getting graded staff to appraise other graded staff and
audit the flight in terms of catering supplies, cleaning,
ground handling is simply a lazy method created by management.

All under the camouflage of controlling costs.

How effective is it to get an IFS to audit?
He or she is not promoted to perform that role.
There is a conflict of interests here.
It is an appointment.

But to lend some air of importance, the IFS has to apply for the post!
Why not appoint CCE to check on other CCE? It should be workable, no?
Appoint Harry to check / audit on Sex C
Do away with managers and assistant managers.

Here lies one of the many root issues that top management seem
to ignore. There is an error in methodology, yet no one is brave enough
to remove and implement a new one.

Meanwhile, its always low cost carriers, the crews' attitudes, behaviour that bears
the brunt. CCE & managers' performance is viewed in soft focus.

Time to review the worth of these CCE, AMs etc.
What is their contribution to the bottom line
What is their contribution to headline costs
What value has been added by their presence.
What positive change have they made for the division
How have they inspired the crew.
How do operating crew view them.

Lots more... add if you have any.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully more passengers will give their
HONEST opinion on what is wrong at the airline.

And management will take heed of suggestions
and don't just ignore them.

Better to let passengers tell you
what they want.

How to Go the extra km if you
don't bother listening to the crew
or passengers.

Those with inflated egos at the airline
must change or go!