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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Accept retirement or drop ........

"The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak" is a famous quotation from the bible. It's so true when it comes to the older crew. We want to work as long as possible even beyond our retirement age but our flesh is weak. A little exertion whether physically or mentally and we succumb to illnesses like stroke, heart attack and what have you. Like everything else, old age and death is something we could not escape. If not, why is there such a word as retirement?
For a cabin crew, working beyond 60 (official retirement age) is a torture. Flying through various time zones frequently, we are stretching our physical endurance to the limit. What more with the stresses of manual work and the ever so demanding passengers as well as a punitive management.
If one is younger one would be able to withstand the punishment but not when one is approaching 60 years of age or more.
I understand many want to work beyond their retirement age not merely because of the money but is unwilling to give up a life style they are so used to.
Of late, we have seen the older crew falling ill. Just over the last month, 2 IFS and 1 IA had stroke. I heard another IFS has been warded at TTSH just a day or two ago (not sure what was his diagnosis). These are crew who are either approaching their 60th birthday or in their early sixties.
Personally, I feel the airline should let them go at age 60. They should spend more time with their families or relax and "smell the roses" so to speak after flying for more than 3 decades. 


Sleeping Buddha said...

They know that they cannot find another job with even 1/2 the salary
that they are now paid.
With outdated diplomas, GCE and even degrees ( from lord knows which mill )
Furthermore, they do not have housekeeping skills to contribute at home.
Just boil water and cook instant noodles.

Staying on despite all the labour intensive chores, they can enjoy
clean bed sheets and pillows, free internet, free cable TV, rain showers and
bath tubs in hotels. I doubt the bed sheets at home are changed even once a week,
and also their bath towels... yeeck.

There was once an IFS who wore his shirt ( part of the uniform ) that appeared to be yellowed. It should be white. He was divorced 3X.. and each with kids.
Would he retire peacefully?... No way!.. cant even wash his shirt properly!

The company should design jobs suitable for old IFS with bad backs, poor eyesight,
balding head, weak arms & legs and a serviced apartment with taxi provided...
They can use their old sanyos to boil water.

Anonymous said...

The writer of this blog sounds like he is very familiar with cook pots and all the other paraphanelia associated with cooking lessons within closed doors and possibly could have squatted for many long years during his years of flying. His subconscious mind is taking centre stage.

SUNNY GALE said...

EH......... Very strange. Hardly can you come across comment that is constructive.
90% of the time when u go into the comment page you get nonsense comment that is
weird and freakish in all aspects.
It is really a waste of time to click the comment section as u hardly get intelligent
and compassionate comment, but mean, crude and sicko type of low IQ comment.
Hm..... I wonder who these people are.....