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Friday, June 17, 2016

Say something nice, won't you?

SUNNY GALE said...
EH......... Very strange. Hardly can you come across comment that is constructive.
90% of the time when u go into the comment page you get nonsense comment that is
weird and freakish in all aspects.
It is really a waste of time to click the comment section as u hardly get intelligent
and compassionate comment, but mean, crude and sicko type of low IQ comment.
Hm..... I wonder who these people are.....

BT: Yes, most of the time the comments are negative. Why don't be a bit more gracious and say nice things. Well if you have nothing good to say about someone or something then you shouldn't comment at all....right?


Anonymous said...

I believe they call it freedom of expression.Learn to deal with it.

Whenever you post something,unless you can disable the comments like on some websites,you risk getting negative comments in addition to good ones.

It's kinda like not being able to choose the FA serving you in the plane.Sometimes you get the handsome friendly ones and sometimes you don't.

It's best to have both positive and negative comments to appear less monotonous and to encourage readers to be more engaging.

Smart playgirl hates alligators

Anonymous said...

Yes. I agree that Sunny Dale has nothing good to say and he should not have posted his comments also

Genuine one said...

Got to any PAP forum... there you will read everything nice.

Anonymous said...

Hey sunny dale. If you cant bear to read and bear the heard truths posted here, may I suggest you retreat to your lala land of candy crush, posting fb and your korean dramas?

SUNNY GALE said...

ha ha you see, strange ya. There they go again, like what I stated.
Hm...... Negative comments outnumbered inspiring ones.
Eh..... it does result in a person pondering..... eh?>>

Anonymous said...

Look on the bright side Sunny.....or change your name to Dark.