Monday, July 25, 2016

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Anonymous said...
The generation of BT and the likes speak good English. In addition to this, many also write equally well. Our Inspectors of Schools were all from UK who had flown down to report on the progress that our schools were making. These Inspectors all sat in during selected classroom lessons. They listened analytically, interacted with students and eventually spoke to the teachers and principals before submitting their reports for improvements.

The standard of spoken and written English today pales in comparison to the the old generation. The lecturers from then University of Singapore all came from UK. They were competent and fully qualified. RI was named after Stamford Raffles, Singapore's founder. His legacy continues to thrive and shall continue to inspire the minds of all our people to make the little red dot a force to be reckoned with.

 BT speaks good English? la so so only...thanks anyway and my apology for overlooking this flattering comment.


Anonymous said...

In some countries,the medium of instruction is not English and there are various types of schools that people attend (Tamil,Chinese,Islamic etc) so when they speak English,there's a hint of Cantonese,Malay,Tamil or Mandarin.

You only need to compare a Singaporean Chinese to a Chinese educated Johorean or Kelantanese Malay or Singaporean Indian to a Tamil educated Malaysian Indian. The emergence of social media has also caused the declining standard of English as seen from the sort of language used in whatsapp,wechat etc (short forms) where some write emails the same way they write in whatsapp,wechat etc.

Life is also more fast paced now so people tend to rush when they write so they neglect to check their spelling,grammar etc.

Anonymous said...

This is the abbreviated generation.


No surprise if careers, romance, friendships are also abbreviated.
Yet, its very strange that management insists on full sentences, instead
of "Coffee, Tea..??" Dont seem to bother the customer though!

Probably old farts thats why :)

Anonymous said...

This commentary posted by BT has nothing to do with old farts. Globalisation has made the world a smaller place and hence, the rising importance of the English language. Abbreviations are not new albeit, there has been an increase in its proliferation. The fast pace of life is not a valid reason for rushing through or failing to check for spelling and grammatical errors. Valuable time is usually squandered away on TV, texting and the lack of priority on managing resources. In today's context, one needs to be a one minute manager in order to move ahead with change, amongst other things.

Anonymous said...

The declining standard across
the Causeway is understandable
but elsewhere including SG?

Internet influence?

Poor quality of teachers?

Cordon bleu said...

The younger generation is not as anal as the older generation,hence the so-called deteriorating standard.
Mandarin is more important than English today.You're still stuck in the

Anonymous said...

Dont need 1 min managing...
Everythin automated, algorithms.
Managers can go away managing their own families.
Useless. No such role as managers anymore.

Anonymous said...

Mandarin here is mixed up with Hokkien, English and Malay words. It has never been good anyway. Not sure, just listen to what our China/TWFSS have to say. Even half the population in China do not speak or understand Mandarin. On top of this, there are over 600 dialects in use. If we continue to rely on everyting automated, it will not be long before artificial intelligence takes over the functions of humans. When that happens, it will then be the end of the human race.

Still waiting for pokemon said...

Mandarin should've been made compulsory ages ago in schools.
Nowadays,some companies won't even consider your application
if you cannot speak Mandarin.
If cannot write Chinese still oklah but if cannot even understand,
then habis.

Anonymous said...

D taiwanese FSS may not speak well but
Is prettier than local chicks.just look at
D chick in d old SQ jasmine tea ad.a taiwanese
not local.nice music pretty TW fss.