Thursday, July 21, 2016

Unofficial "duty" of the most junior steward on SQ 12

Heard from some crew that certain unofficial practices are no longer in place. One of such which I find interesting was that on SQ 12.  The most junior steward on the flight was tasked with ordering food (lunch) for his colleagues from a restaurant from LAX upon arrival.
During the lull period of the flight from TYO to LAX, the steward would armed himself with the menu from S'pore Express (a Chinese restaurant in LAX that provided delivery service) and took food orders from the whole set of crew. When the flight touched down at LAX, he would be the first to leave the aircraft and phone S'pore Express and place the orders. The delivery of the food would coincide with the crew's check-in at the hotel.
The steward would then call his colleagues to his room to collect their food. I must admit the food from SE was delicious and after a long flight we would be tired and hungry and look forward to our yummy food from SE. This practice has since stopped. I do not know the reason/s for discontinuing it.

Collection of tips

Some countries where tipping is the norm, the most junior cabin crew on the flight would collect tips from all the crew and pass them to the coach drivers and the hotel porters. This is also an unwritten duty of the most junior steward or stewardess on the flight. I think this "assignment" is still ongoing.


Anonymous said...

Why die die must eat Asian food in western country? Go get your brains check.

excrew said...

Chinese food at LA is so shiok, cheap and big portion. I miss spore express LA fried rice, trotter, kwa teow :(

Hai Lim - Hai See said...

Now days, the income earned is spent on lifestyle choices.
Unlike generations past, when savings for the future, or
supporting families in the present is a priority.

New generation crew do not need to support parents, brothers, sisters,
help pay for study loans, medical etc. They either are only child or
their parents do not require their monetary contributions.

They eat "ang-moh" foods. They dont crave for pad thai, mee pok etc.
They are attracted to Kong Hee style of beverage: a starbucks paper cup in one hand,
a mobile device in the other and they are walking towards Tony Romas ribs.

Singapore Express?.. greasy, oily, not cool.

California rolls & salsa Tacos with a glass of Chardonay along Santa Monica Blvd.
Thats much better.

Goodbye old school.!

Anonymous said...

Lol go perth the most jr crew must take orders of apple strudel even if he/she does not want like whuttttt????? All these so called official duties are banished and am glad they are. In a way this is like bullying. If the jr crew or anyone who is nice enuf to do this, it is called
a favour.

Yes the collection of tips is still ongoing. Not necessarily the job of the most jr crew. Anybody nice enuf can volunteer to do it.

Anonymous said...

Oops i meant unofficial duties :p

Anonymous said...

Unoffical* duties

Anonymous said...

Is buying of lime aka sng kah from tiptop gali pok official or unoffical or discretionary duty? These errands are loved by por lum pah senior crew

Anonymous said...

Nothing shiok about peasant grub. Fit for dogs only

Leng chai shih tzu said...

Ahhhhh the things the juniors have to do.
Basically its stuff the seniors would have
had to do when they were juniors.

So don't complainlah.
Labour Dept also won't layan u.
Work until bond period over.
Gain experience.

Worse at other airlines.

Anonymous said...

if you wanna eat something, go get it yourself, no one is your mother, i will slap u and double slap back if i am your mother.

Anonymous said...

The problem with some ppl .... When they were "bullied" as juniors they revenge by "bullying" other jrs when they become seniors. Like some ppl who go around molesting or raping own flesh and blood because they were sexually assaulted when they were young by next of kin. Instead of breaking this evil and vicious cycle, they continue to do the very same things to others even they knew it is wrong. These ppl seriously need help!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha yah lah actually some crew very lazy one. Used to the lazy lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

I ask my fren 3rd yr fss she said the collection of tips by the most jr crew is still being practised. But she said she wont ask lor... if she can do it she or anyone regardless of rank can volunteer to do also. #faithinhumanity restored lol

Anonymous said...

I think all crew should find their own way to the hotels,
check in by themselves, report back to aircraft by their
own means. Whats all this nonsense about crew bus and porter tips?

They just need to clear immigration as a group. After that just
go your own ways. Might as well hold hands like kindergarten kids.

leng chai shih tzu said...

Only u need help.

What the seniors are doing to the juniors is not the same as what molesters and rapists do
to their own flesh and blood and to suggest otherwise is pretty sick.

must be that time of the month for u or u havent had an oil change for a while.

Give me a call and u wont be repressive anymore.

u cc? Single? Pretty?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Boh Tong, I and have went to the final round of the interview but failed the skin test. I'm unsure was it due to my skin or other factors.
May I know if I still stand a chance and do you still give seminars or is there anyways to improve myself ?

Thank you and kind regards

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

irritating and kiasu to post your questions twice. aso this is not the place to ask such question. never say who u are. am sure bohtong wont reply one.

Gnome said...

I heard SQ very strict when come to skin test
so maybe you can try other airlines.

However if still insist SQ,then you have to wait
a while.Cant simply turn up on recruitment day
until you get hired.

This also allows you to do some soul searching.
Is flying for you,long term or you just want

Anonymous said...

Yes abit sick to grp these 2 grps of ppl tgt but i think the person is trying to say ssbd or dbss. I can understand whr he or she is coming from.

Anonymous said...

His or her point is to break the vicious cycle n dont repeat the same wrongs did to you. Forgive n move on.. Aiyo why some people here get so worked up sia...

Bored FT said...

Cannot download Pokemon game in this part of the world yet :(

That's why so worked up....what else is there to do here anyway?

Anonymous said...

Hi mr bt, may i know when were these so called duties n precedents created n who created them n why as in why cant they order the food themselves since the jr crew might not want to eat it? I might be wrong but it rly looks like an abuse of power. Then why are they not practised anymore? Complaints??

Anonymous said...

Haha maybe lah or maybe he is the 1 who tekan the rookies so get worked up zz and ya work in own ctry better

Anonymous said...

I think all the high blood pressure and stroke due to bad temper and easily angered, besides dna and the unhealthy lifestyle.

Bored FT said...

If we all go back to where we came from,your population won't grow and your standard of living won't increase to a level acceptable to the government.I'm gonna be here long term darling.I don't give up so easily unlike some foreigners.

I like the challenge of having to go the extra mile to fully understand the needs of the locals (Singaporeans),as unbelievable as it may sound.And yes I know some people are watching but I don't care because I'm telling the truth. I like it here so far,don't ask me why.I might even marry a local,who knows.

Bored FT

Old man.... said...

During the early years of flying ( 1970-2000 ), the exchange rates
against the S$ was not in the crew's favour... in other words, it
was expensive.

And crew in general ( Singaporeans, Malaysians east & west, technical crew too ) were
not eager to eat hamburgers after a long flight. This style of food was easily available in many of the big cities: LAX, SFO, LON, FRA, ROM.. etc.
In particular, LAX ( Los Angeles, California ) the crew hotel was located in not so friendly places. The hotels were located in far off places... not along Sunset Boulevard or near eateries ( that the crew liked ).

Some places were very near the LAX airport... you could see the runway and watch take off and landings. Some were located about 7km from the airport near marinas where eating outlets were very limited. Either sit down tables with table cloth ( Wolfgang Puck ) or Subway, KFC or Soup . After a long & tiring flight, you would rather have familiar foods that offered comfort: rice, noodles.

California is a very, very big state. Los Angeles is a very, very big city... and it is very sprawling ( wide spread, like from Petaling Jaya to Federal Territory and Subang ) without a car, its very difficult to move around. Singapore Express was an outlet owned and operated by Thai people located in Marina Del Rey. A marina for rich people who owned yachts, boats. Its very sprawing and Singapore Express was located in a small single storey strip mall. There is 1 laundry shop, 1 nail polish shop, 1 car rental, 1 medical centre, 1 stationary shop, 1 Subway, and Singapore Express.

This mall was across a very large car park which was next to Marriott's. That was the hotel that the crew stayed. In the middle of no where. ( crew hotels were short listed by station managers and after assessments by unionists, chosen and contracted by SQ for crew to lay over ... go figure )

Singapore Express had food that was freshly stir fried at prices that crew would be willing to spend. A Subway sandwhich would cost US$5, for the same price or slightly more, you could get stir fried beef thai style with rice or noodles... and they would deliver it to you room or to the crew room.

Over the years, crew hotels changed to different locations, yet Singapore Express was willing to deliver ( within a 3-5km radius of their outlet )
Crew who were more seasoned would be aware that after TYO-LAX sector with effects of GMT changes, it would be better to order food rather than wake up at 9pm ( LAX time ) and find it risky to walk through the car park at night.

Junior crew were asked if they wanted "in". Some declined. Thats fine. No one was forced, coerced, arm twisted or threatened. The knowledge and understanding of each night stop station's peculiarities is an unstructured part of training:

"How to survive night stops in various cities"

During those early years, there was no internet googling. Intimate knowledge could only be shared verbaly. You shared for 2 reasons:

1.The crew was deserving - positive attitude, compliant, diligent.
2.To show off - displaying how seasoned and how often LAX appeared in your roster.

These days, with the internet, all this sharing is not required... including techniques in providing customer delight and recovery. It is not worthwhile for seniors to share their experiences with juniors or even managers. We live in our own cocoons. No need to give thanks, appreciation. All taken care of by smart devices.

Why bother at all.

Boh Tong said...

Old Young Man...heheee,

Thanks for the comment. It's appropriate and realistic in what you've stated. With this, I hope you do not mind if I post in the blog for others to read. Keep more comments coming....