Sunday, July 31, 2016

An email from a reader ...what do you all think?

Dear Mr. Luke,

In my opinion, I find it illogical for SIA to only want to employ young girls/guys for CC positions. It is well known that SIA is having a problem with their retention rate. Do you agree that maybe half of the entire population of SIA's CC (7,500) have the tendency to resign between 2-5 years after joining?

That's why they have an average retention of about 10 years for CC.

So, wouldn't it be better and more cost effective more SIA to hunt for individuals with dedication and passion towards the occupation, who has thought through carefully about joining rather than wanting to do a hit-and-run. It just cost SIA too much money ($100m/annum) just to train the staffs. 

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PPS said...

SQ not interested if applicants have passion or not.

What they are looking for is:
Not too smart
Not too stupid

By the time they learn how the politics work
how the roster, appraisal work, they will leave naturally.
Then SQ can go hunt for replacement Ghoondus.

Many sources: East Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand... soon
Myamar too.

You must understand that business class pax are very attracted
to young, naive ghoondus. In their own work places, females are
too smart for them to handle... so they come on board to a world
of make believe that they are superior, smart, and very important.
SQ provides that. Works for the last 30 years, it will work till
males evolve without testicles.


Anonymous said...

The truth is that if they don't hire younger ones, some Western passengers won't be happy.Many Western passengers will tell you they prefer FAs on Asian carriers than Western ones like in North America because the Asian FAs are younger,more appealing physically and energetic. At the same time,majority of those who apply to the airline are younger so having people closer to that age group may encourage more to join.

On the other hand,the older ones who don't have youth on their side bring a wealth of experience that can prove useful in tricky situations like dealing with difficult passengers or training younger inexperienced colleagues.You need both which is why even in football we see the best teams combining youth and experience (Barca,Liverpool,Dortmund). Diversity,not just in terms of race but also age is always a good thing for any organisation in any field.

By the way,some of the more experienced FAs actually look 6 years younger.In fact,if you didn't know they wore purple,you would think they were at least one rank below.

Personally I don't care how old they are as long as they look well groomed,not so robotic and their service is good,regardless of whether it is for short/long haul and who they are serving,be it a Westerner/Asian or someone in Business/Economy,anytime of the year.

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Mike Lim said...

Dear Mr. Luke,

Do you agree with the comment from PPS? Ghoondus? Haha.

The poor retention rate of SIA CC's is acknowledged by the Union that's why the new salary scheme has been introduced last year having an increased in pay per flight hours for those who have completed the compulsory two year bond, in hope they don't resign because they no longer have to pay any penalty.

I have the impression those who stay the longest are the ones from the older batches (those who renew the 5 year contracts 4 times), not the newer current batches.

I agree with Smartwatch's comment, a diversity among the CC should not just be based on nationalities/race but also age due to the experience that can be transferred from other occupations or life experience, etc which will not only benefit the CC team population but also the entire organization, promoting better culture rather than the heavily mentioned (even in Mr. Luke's video interview) hierarchical culture where 'juniors' are not highly regarded by 'seniors'.

There is obviously things junior members can learn from the senior members, however, life is about having the humility to learn from the younger ones too.

Best wishes,