Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Award challenged by fellow cabin crew

The crew these days do not give two hoots about the management. The top image was an acknowledgement given to the supervisor for an act which the pax considered as outstanding.
Another crew (bottom image) questioned the management as to the legality of supervisor's action in which he left the airplane to obtain limes from a stall outside. He/she felt the supervisor should be in the plane to attend to any emergency,should there be one, instead of leaving the plane.

BT: will publish management's reply tomorrow.


Crouching lion hidden dragon said...

Ayooooooooo Garuda and CX don't do this but still get rave reviews and win awards.what is the management up to here?trying to please pax must not come at the expense of safety.
Wake up management. Ridiculous.

Junior cc said...

If anything unfortunate happened to the ifs on his way to procure limes then he would be facing the wrath of the management. Or if there is an emergency say like a fire on board during the ifs's absence, he will be nailed.

Anonymous said...

Is the complainant jealous of the recognition given to the IFS?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully management would support the crew if after consuming OUTSIDE food items and the passenger suffer any allergic reaction or food poisoning and the passenger take legal action.

Anonymous said...

Silly iFSS,setting bad example for juniors.
THe girls must not do any heavy lifting.
Got many horror cases of girls sustaining
injury while helping pax stow things.
It is pax responsibility unless pax is
elderly or disabled. IfSs misunderstand
what is meant by going extra mile.
That's why pax go overboard coz crew pamper
so much. Silly supervisor.

Since she hardworking,maybe can carry
the NS boys' bags. They won't mind.

Anonymous said...

This exactly the issue.

We have managers, CCE who have established their own definition of
leadership, and acts that go the extra mile.
No CCE, manager is being audited, checked by higher expertise.
But they can check the operating crew, via proxy and via back stabbing

Sitting nice & cozy in their little fiefdoms.
Oblivious to the competition
Blinded by their own superiority.

TPT's head should be knocked hard to wake his brain.

Well, they have survived for the last 2 decades.. I suppose they will
go on for the next.

Y jealous said...

My observation,
U guys r just jelly cos these seniors took risk and got rewarded for it.The higher the risk the higher the return.Sumthin for u juniors to ponder.The seniors haven't lost their touch.The awards were justified. as for comparing to other airlines winning awards,who cares? Temporary only.The management know what to do,u dun worry. If poor,we fire,if good we reward.simple.Dun belief me?u ask those got sack by management.

Anonymous said...

If they love you, you are rewarded... you're the champion, the hero!
If they dislike you, you will be charged for being absent from place of duty,
you're the pariah, the keh-khiang, the loser!

Easy to sack, yah?
What MoM rules?.. nabeh... termination the easiest man!

Anonymous said...

Why it is not so simple?

REWARDING the employees in the above case will send the wrong message.
1.if you're a passenger,the crew will do anything to make you happy,including compromising safety; and
2.if you're a junior,you may feel that emulating those seniors,even at the expense of safety would increase your chances of promotion.

NOT REWARDING the employees in the above case will also send the wrong message.
1.despite going the extra mile,they were not rewarded so they won't be motivated to do it again;and
2.despite going the extra mile, our seniors were not rewarded so why should us juniors bother.

Don't forget, prospective FAs will be affected by the decision too.

REWARDING the employees in the above case will send the wrong message.
1.Why work for an employer that encourages employees to gamble on the safety of others.

NOT REWARDING the employees in the above case will also send the wrong message.
1.Why work for an employer that does not appreciate employees that do extra?

It really isn't that simple. Who wants to be the boss?

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Anonymous said...

Its real simple.

Security bulletin states that passengers have to remove all cabin/cargo luggage if they were offloaded from the aircraft because of safety reasons. So why was the IFS allowed to leave the aircraft with his belongings still present in the airplane? Yes the chances of him doing something untoward might be very slim but isn't consideration of all possibilities part of being a prudent commander?

The answer is simple. Is meeting the request of one measly passenger more important than the lives of 200 human beings? No. IFS and commander made a poor judgement call on this, and to add on management do not have the foresight to see this because they have a tunnel vision of only soaring for passengers.

Neutral said...

I enjoy seeing different interpretations from
various readers.

Anonymous said...

You mean the "Pompous Pretentious Stupid elitists" in this blog ?????????

CC have to deal with pax shit but these bloody mgmt consultants can still sympathise with the mgmt. DIE die must support mgmt because they're paying our fees. Can tell from the comments.CCB.

C'est la vie !