Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bitter after being sacked, he needs a closure

This ex-steward was sacked and he is bitter about the so 

called 8 people who "fixed" him up. He often commented in this 

blog he hope the 8 would die "horrible" deaths and would spit

at their coffins. When asked who the 8 people are he simply 

refused to disclose except that he will be watching the obituary 

everyday to see whether anyone of the 8 is dead. Below are some 

of the comments I have 

reproduced. Would anyone be able to help/counsel this poor soul?

Victim: Due to the 8, I lost my job. My parents have to collect 

cardboard and work as cleaners. My wife left me. I dont have 

money to cure my kid of a life threatening illness and he died at 2.5 

years old. I will never forget how those 8 framed me for something 

I never done.

Another reader : "If you are truthful you should email BT & tell him 

the names of the "8" and he may be in a position to help you".

Victim: There were 8... 8 of them... never will I ever forget. Why

dont you ask you parent collect cardboard or collect plates in 

hawker center? BT? What can he do except stir more shit? You 

mean he can re-instate me?

Keep all these obituaries coming as it makes my day knowing their deaths. Everyday I am eagerly and waiting in anticipation to know those 8 who made me into this state had paralysed from stroke or die a horrible death. I believe heaven have eyes and its jus a matter of time before I read about the 8.



How to help the bitter fellow when we don't have all the material information?
He also seems reluctant to say much except that he hopes for the worst for the so called 8.Only those with SIA will know whether such a person even exist.

He sounds like those Sinkies who complain about foreigners taking local jobs blah blah blah but who do nothing to improve themselves.He is like a lost Dalmatian puppy looking for sympathy from us. What a complete waste of space.

Anonymous said...

Company does not fire any employee for nothing. This chap must have done something terribly wrong to be fired. He may have molested a female employee or a female customer or stole from the bar or from his customer.

Anonymous said...

One more thing,normally b4 firing someone,must give written warning few times so he doesn't make the same mistake.

We got strict labour laws,owing to Parliament,union and social media so firing isn't easy.

I was sacked too..... said...

Firing is very easy with SQ.

Yes, they will comply with all the MoM rules.
( mind you, they are just rules, no legal impact )

The modus operandi is very simple:

1. Find fault with work or grooming. It can be anything!

2. Support feedback from other staff. From smoking to bad teeth, to bad breath.

3. Follow up on pax complaints: ".. crew was rude.." , " crew not helpful .."

4. Follow up on Tech crews' feedback about infrequent offers of drinks, checking their

5. Get the Union to also find fault with you ( unofficially ).

Crew are the easiest to terminate. Just exaggerate any issue and its done.
Its the ultimate fear factor!

Anonymous said...

And Sexy will humiliate you and treat you like you are a scum of this earth. Even police interrogator treat its suspects with dignity. Sexy need to be removed and transfer to area where there is no human dealing. Sexy is part of why SQ service is plummeting due to demotivated crew. Move him and other dinosaur ego eccentric
AMs and SQ will soar again.

Anonymous said...

Very sad 2 hear tat... Can share what happen? Pls do tell...

Mike Lim said...

Dear Mr. Boh Tong,

Backstabbing and framing happens every where, not just in a working environment but also in school/college. Whether the victim is truly a victim, we will never know, if he is willing, probably it is best that he shares what actually happened that there were 8 that put him in so much pain. With some knowledge, people might be able to counsel him better.

Regardless of what has happened, I believe the 'victim' should pull himself together. I know it is easy to say this as an outsider not knowing what he has gone through. But I believe that his parents would not want to continuously see their son to be in despair continuously. They would want him to continue with his life to be successful. He also as a son and the leader of the family has responsibility in ensuring the needs of the family is met especially in terms of financial needs.

So, to the victim, please do not let the 8 enjoy your pain, stand up stronger and show them you can excel in other field. That would be the best revenge ever!

Best wishes,
Mike Lim

Anonymous said...

A paradigm shift is needed before he starts looking for another job.

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Enrich member MH.. said...

Start your own business and be your own boss. This may be a blessing in disguise for you.
You may end up making far more than you would if you were still flying.You may not believe it now but once you start making money, you will realise I was right.You need to take that first step though.

Many have left the industry and ventured into business successfully.There is a couple who once worked for SIA who left to open a noodle stall,selling Penang prawn mee.

Are you sure you can't find work at another airline? I ask because when some of the employees at MH lost their job, they still managed to find work at other airlines, including some big name middle east ones. No harm trying.

Talk is cheap but what choice do you have?

#Keep flying