Friday, July 15, 2016

What did Hossan Leong says about SIA's inflight service?
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Anonymous said...

Girl M from batch 25 during foundation exam attempted to cheat by getting answers from her coursemate. M wrote the questions she couldn't answer and tried to pass it to the girl sitting next to her. Poor innocent girl took the paper and was caught. Luckily innocent girl only rebatch and not terminated. M, who is the cheater, also only got rebatch to a later course.

When confronted, M tells her coursemates one story, but tell the facilitators another story. True colours come out. Whole course now outcaste her. Cry cry cry also no use.

J CHou said...

I have no idea wat u jus say.

cop said...

Political backstabbing skills acquired at early stage of job.
Enhanced by facilitators and the entire culture at STC.
Good cop / bad cop techniques.. works every single time.