Monday, July 18, 2016

This group of crew feels discriminated in salary payment.
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Anonymous said...

Nobody forced them to join SIA so
if they're not happy then join other airlines.
There are better choices out there.
In the end,if that individual decides to join
another airline and he/she is good,it'll be
SIA's loss.

Don't limit yourself to SIA.Do your research
before joining any company including this

Anonymous said...

They should understand that all new employees in any
company have to go through the process of "settling in":

Some may have a change of heart and leave.
Some may experience home sickness
Some may not like sleeping in the day and work the whole night.
Some may dislike contributing gratuity to coach drivers and hotel porters.

And they are "compensated" by being protected by CCEs from seniors.
Anything the say about seniors, is archived, built up to demolish any
seniors. They are unwitting spies providing a source of feedback on what
goes on and at outstations.

Anonymous said...

Media partly to blame to for manipulating public as well.

POKEMON on the go said...

ST is a government mouthpiece.
Have to make anything
Singaporean look good,
including SIA.
Plus,they know SIA is looking
for people.