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Friday, July 1, 2016

From Singapore Captain re: SQ 368

First and foremost aircraft must be secured which in case of sq368 it is. At point of turn back, aircraft has to descend on flying with one engine to about 15000ft which increases fuel burn and also need to dump fuel, don't forget this is a fully loaded 777-300ER and fuel dump takes time. So flying to KLIA and Changi may not make much of a difference anyway. In addition,KLIA may be an unfamiliar airport for 777 crew (777 stopped flying there since 2009) and in emergency every bit of familiarity advantage reduces some stress level to the crew. In no way if the aircraft is not secured that the crew will take a longer journey back to changi.

As for evacuation, key is whether the fire can be handled within 90sec as that's the standard for full aircraft evacuation. If fire engines can engage the fire within that time frame it is probably safer for pax to remain in aircraft and as we can see from footages the fire engines are already rushing towards aircraft before it comes to a complete stop. Risk of explosion? Kerosene is not flammable (die hard 2 is rubbish) and to have explosion you need fuel, vapour and spark, there are no vapour a in fuel tanks.

evacuation when fire engines are ready to engage the fire may put pax at risk and slow down fire fighting. It's a 90sec decision with limited jnformation that the captain has to make, which many comments online by people who have the luxury of time at keyboard and watching video many times.

Making life and death decision for 300 pax within 90 sec with limited jnformation is not as easy as what people think!

Singapore Captain


Singapore Captain said...

Bohtong ho say bo?

Boh Tong said...

Cha pu tor lah . Thanks for your comment cos it explains everything about SQ 368 to many of my readers.

Singapore Captain said...

Too free at home lah.... I not like other pilots I have no mistress or flashy cars nor do I gamble.

Boh Tong said...

So free...good cos like that can teach or enlighten us about the intricacy of flying.

Singapore Captain said...

Pay me lor... Now our bonus so cham.... Haha kidding.

Boh Tong said...

Bonus is 2.4 which means u will get about 30k...wa that is very to buy me a good meal lol

Singapore Captain said...

How about some BBQ wings with Mayo that was served on SQ368?

Anonymous said...

It is good that you came to clarify the situation because some of those
critisizing the Captain's decision online are either pilots or former pilots.

Anyway,we await a thorough and impartial investigation by SIA.

Since the government has a tight control on everything here,
including the media,it remains wishful thinking.

Thanks for the clarification.

Singapore Captain said...

Talk cock lah BT. Can only use to pay taxes. After that maybe some change to go for massage but nothing left for happy ending.

Anonymous said...


Asiana = Siberian husky (214 SFO incident)

SIA=shih tzu (sq368,sq6 and counting)

SPF=poodle (little India,losing criminals)


Pay a bit more and fly Emirates.

Anonymous said...

Paying 30k in taxes a year = annual income must be 400k or about 30k a month..ho mia liao

Anonymous said...

I don't know where you go for your massage but mine usually comes with a very happy ending :)

Love the PRCs.

Singapore Captain said...

Look up Ek413 and EK 407

Incidents like this affects everyone

Anonymous said...


When you hold yourself out as the best in the region and one of the best on the continent, people expect more.

The 'cheaper' airlines in the region you referred to never claimed to be the best and can still meet customer expectations and win numerous awards.In fact,at least two of them rely solely on local talent.

With the millions spent on advertising, an overprotective government,foreign crew at their disposal and claims of understanding customer needs and a willingness to go the extra mile, passengers,especially locals,have every right to expect more from SQ.

I also remember watching a Bloomberg interview once where the CEO said SQ is already number one in the region or something to that effect*.

What's more,when other airlines suffer misfortune,SQ is quick to capitalise. A good example was the infamous SQ tweet of not flying over the war zone immediately after the MH17 tragedy, much to the dismay of many,including locals.

Things like these including some cases involving ill disciplined pilots make people scrutinise the airline even more.

If you want to stay insulated from criticism,don't be arrogant and don't claim to understand customer needs or go the extra mile and then accuse the customer of being demanding.After all, you claim all these as part of your marketing campaign anyway.

The passengers you see nowadays are spoilt for choice,owing to a growing awareness of consumerism so they won't settle for less.

Everything you do,including your glossy advertisements,will be scrutinized.The crew must answer to the management just like the management must answer to the shareholders.We all have bosses to pacify and targets to meet.

This is the world we live in's 2016 not 1976 so if you can't take the heat,find another job!

And to the silly crew who wrote about trauma and looking forward to group counselling after the fire,seriously where have you been the last 4 years because there have been worse tragedies. It's obvious that this job isn't for you.


An ENRICHed BIG shot SKYwards flyer with a KRIS
(4 airlines in one how did I manage that)

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong in expecting high serivce standards. Customers on their part must also not forget to behave themselves and to avoid abusing front line staff. They have every right to choose the airline of their choice. Too much emphasis has been directed at SIA as being number one. This is absolute unnecessary. It has lost its lead in the face of intense competition.

Anonymous said...

SQ is overrated and the shih tzu like
performance recently doesn't help matters.

All beauty but no brains.

Just like our SPF.

Anonymous said...


@true blue sinkie@

Anonymous said...

Customers must behave?

I'll make sure I bring
doggie treats for the
crew the next time I
fly SQ.

Scooby doo
where are you?


Anonymous said...

Balls to you glorified drivers, wiaters and waitresses! Pity did not crash and burn all of you and the sinkies to hell

Anonymous said...

BOLLOCKS can save the doggie treats for himself or herself. His name or identity befits his state of mind and certainly smacks of arrogance and ignorance. Abusive customers must be prepared to be dealt with accordingly. In case he has conveniently forgotten, airlines have have appropriate protocols in place. Not a bad idea for BOLLOCKS to have his head examined by a psychiatrist before he decides to try his luck.

Anonymous said...

Bollocks is entitled to his own opinion.lets not condemn him for it.
Not everyone agrees with the way crew handle emergencies sometimes.
It's no biggie really.

Anonymous said...


Ang moh worshipping wh*res?
Not all,just some. Anyway,sometimes
the FAs do make the effort to converse
with the passenger but sometimes
they get no positive response,either because
the passenger is tired,has poor command
of the language or is just snobbish.

I'm female and an Asian at that and
the FAs (female ones too) are 'friendly'
towards me and pretty accommodating too
when I fly.

As for ang moh passengers,not all
FAs throw themselves at them (SQ
included),even the rich ones.
You can take my word for it :)

Don't believe me?
Fly SQ,MH,AA and
tell me how they treated you.

Tip:Smile & work on your small talk

-Powerpuff girl-

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pretentious Pompous Stupid PPS pax.anyhow hentam?

Anonymous said...

The emergency on SQ368 was handled very well. Pilots, cabin crew and the airport fire brigade did a great job. No one is condemning anyone. BOLLOCKS was crude and merciless in his comments. He asked for it and got it good and proper. For the information of everyone, the commander on a recent flight had booted out a PPS over safety issues. An air ticket is not a license for any pasenger to abuse crew or airline staff. Under the circumstances, the airline is under no obligation whatsoever to offer compensation of any sort caused by loss of business incurred by the party concerned arising from his eviction and subsequent reallocation on another flight. No airline needs to apologise.

Anonymous said...

Pipe down grandma.

"Abusive customers
must be prepared to be dealt with?"

Watcha gonna do?
Send me to the principal's office?

Ground me? No playtime for a week.

Reduce my allowance?
No money for doggie treats then.

SPANK me? Imagine being spanked
by some hot stewardess. That purple
one looks ok. How about the blue one?

Bollocks protocol.Think outside the
box next time.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to revoke
your PPS status.

Another Amos in the making.


Anonymous said...

"He asked for it and got it good and proper".
Me thinks not,little Miss Shih Tzu.
Try harder and you might just get your treat.
Have you seen Scooby?

Anonymous said...

If revoke,who loses? The company needs business.We must know how to tackle difficult pax.Passengers don't owe us a living.Think carefully.

Anonymous said...

There is a troller trying to masquerade as an American hamburger on this website. Better go back to sleepzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and shut up.

Anonymous said...

Bollocks protocol ????

Singapore Captain said...

On Aug 1st 2016 Singapore's AAIB released an interim statement stating, that fuel was found in the right hand engine's oil system. The investigation determined that the fuel entered the oil system through a crack in a tube of the engine's fuel-oil-heat-exchanger. The engine manufacturer had released a service bulletin (SB) in December 2014 requiring removal of certain fuel-oil-heat-exchangers from the engines, inspect for cracks in the fuel tubes and do needed repairs and improvements at the next engine shop visit of the engine. 9V-SWB's engine had been in the engine shop just prior to the SB being released. As an immediate safety action the AAIB recommends to accelerate the implementation of the service bulletin.