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Friday, July 8, 2016

Heart attack crew recovered

He was in the gym and while exercising, his heart stopped beating and fell to the ground. Fortunately for this crew, someone in the gym did CPR and after 20 minutes, his heart started beating again. For one hour, his heartbeats were irregular. He was admitted into a hospital where he was treated. I was told he has since made a steady recovery and would be on his way back to Singapore.
The strange thing was that the nightstop was less than 24 hours and yet this crew, instead of resting went to the gym.
Crew must learn not to overstrain oneself especially after a tiring flight.


Anonymous said...

This shows that despite all the kpkb about not enough rest etc, crew actually do have time to go gym, shop, drink till checkout. Mgt should look into giving just 15h rest just like what office and other workers are having before their bext shift


Happy he is ok now.Hope won't happen to anyone else.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope it befalls the 8

Anonymous said...

Guess who's back?

Gang of eight? six?
Sounds like something
from a movie called
"office politics".

Angry bird Anon should
consider a peace offering
like doggie treats.

Make peace with
yourself,then others.

a monk at the nearest

Better yet,fly SQ to end
your misery. Your enemies
could be on duty that day.

Get off your couch
and do something
about your situation.

Don't be a pus%y.


Anonymous said...

It is universal knowledge that air crew who spend their working lives at 35,000 feet above sea level are exposed to serious levels of radiation. This is expected to be more intense when flights traverse more than one time zone. Hence, the dire need for proper rest and good quality meals with nuitrients and vitamins are indispensable for good health. Physical exercise can come only after a good day's rest. There are those who cannot wait to put on their running shoes and hit the trail after an extensive tour of duty, only to be afflicted with serious ailments later.

One who is fit need not be healthy.Former eight time All England Badminton champion Rudy Hartono underwent a heart bypass at age 46 on the advice of his doctors and is still alive. The mass media trail blaze on fitness and corporate grooming are now becoming more and more of a masochism hype. Former CEO of Starhill Global signed up for lipposuction to have his "love handles" trimmed. Sadly, he died on the table. We need to be on our guard against such deceitful advertising that only serve to exploit weak minds and fattening the bank accounts of these operators.

Anonymous said...

ET, former CPT SIA had a reputation of running overseas even in winter, all muffled up. He died at the age of forty. Another, also a cockpit crew has been paralysed for a long time now. He was once a fitness freak. Hartono? He is now a pastor. Long Live Rudy!

Anonymous said...

There was a post on this blog a few weeks ago where someone said "this job is not designed for those above 55" and there's a misguided belief that if you go to the gym,you'll be fine. Spot on!

God gave the steward a second chance and we are hoping he will make the most of it.

What can/should SIA do?

The company has the chance to see how they can improve existing health and wellness programs at the workplace and increase productivity. The program must be specifically tailored for people on the go like airline crew where having to sleep in different beds,different time zones and different times within the same time zones adds to the stress as these are beyond their control. Most companies have programs for those who are usually at their desk in the office and not those who travel a lot specifically. Everybody knows the stress of frequent travellers is not entirely similar to the stress of those with a typical 9-5 job. The latter has more control over the environment he is in unlike the former who is stuck in a metal tube for hours,with little oxygen and some very difficult people to deal with.

What's in it for SIA?

Investing the time,money and effort in engaging people to come up with more suitable health and wellness programs for employees will result in a much higher ROI in the long run than the initial outlay,because it means having healthier employees who are more productive with healthcare costs being lowered.If the company does this,employees may reciprocate by staying longer instead of accepting the next big offer that they get.Basically,it is a win-win for both parties.


The employee is still ultimately responsible for his life but by taking another look at how best to help employees via existing health and wellness programs,the company will at least give employees the impression that they do care.

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