Wednesday, July 13, 2016

IFS not at his station, management's reply

Akan datang: This is not the end of the saga. I will post more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Rubbish.setting bad precedent for others.

Anonymous said...

I read with amusement the silly reasons given why the IFS absence from his post for 10 minutes is supposedly something wrong - acts of terrorism, fire etc. If that being the case, if the IFS has diarrhea and has to leave his station, he will be considered as being away from station. For God's sake, please use your common sense and do not be jealous of the award given to the IFS

Y jealous said...

I said the same thing yesterday!

Y jealous12/7/16
My observation,
U guys r just jelly cos these seniors took risk and got rewarded for it.The higher the risk the higher the return.Sumthin for u juniors to ponder.The seniors haven't lost their touch.The awards were justified. as for comparing to other airlines winning awards,who cares? Temporary only.The management know what to do,u dun worry. If poor,we fire,if good we reward.simple.Dun belief me?u ask those got sack by management."

Anonymous said...

Wah... cover his arse with permission from Captain.!

That means management agrees, approves of this act wholeheartedly.
Good crew, good leader.Should get him a spot as CCE to perpetuate this.

Now, how about petty cash claim for the limes?
Approve ? or its voluntary and considered an act of charity towards the

In legal terms, acts of charity and volunteerism cannot be protected by the courts.
If the first class pax complains of indigestion, you are all alone.

No wonder said...

I'm beginning to understand
why SQ standard going down.

Without this blog, those outside
SIA won't know. We deserve to
know because it's our national
carrier and they represent us.

CX number 2, I can understand
but Garuda damn good meh?

Is Skytrax reliable?

Anonymous said...

The commander of SQ006 decided to take off despite the heavy rainfall and strong winds that fateful night. The weather was hostile and unpredictable. He had reported that the runway was clear. The aircraft crashed into an excavator on the runway and burst into a fireball. All three pilots escaped unharmed. Media reports stated amongst other things, that over 40 paxs died along with four cabin crew.

It was also reported that the commander had contacted Singapore on his mobile phone that there were no casualties. How the commander came to take such a drastic decision remains a mystery. Was it his vision, or the fear of being called up by his bosses for delaying departure? What's the urgency anyway? He was only 37 years old then. An external consultant once remarked that Asians have a rice bowl mentality.

Had SQ006 avoided the excavator and landed safely at its destination, the episode would have been very different and would have drawn global publicity for an act of valiant heroism many times grander than the sparkling water and limes STORY. CPT FCK had broken the eleventh commandment...............THOU SHALL NOT BE CAUGHT RED-HANDED.

Dr Botak said...

Hello 70 paxs and 4 cabin crew died lah. Aso where got mobile phone in that year 2000?
Don't anyhow BS ok? Kei khian!

Grumpy said...

To the idiot mentioning SQ6,

You just want to make Malaysians look bad because the Cpt was Malaysian. The pilots lost their jobs soon after.Anyway that case is old news.What's your agenda here? SQ has moved on from there.Other airlines also make mistakes but you don't highlight them. Why always pick on Asian airlines,if that's your angle?
You think those luxury airliners don't make mistakes?


Anonymous said... make Malaysians look bad? Malaysians have always looked bad even without your mention. SQ006 blog based on fact, not opinion. Dr Botak needs to get his sums right. Obviously does not know how to juggle his numbers. Is he trying to make belief? No mobile phone in 2000? Check again. Sounds like a clone is trying to make his presence felt.

Grumpy and sneezy said...

Ok fair enough. Just that we have been getting a lot of stick lately.Just drop by Tre Em site and you will see what I mean.Of course people like Khaw don't help but still.

Grumpy and sneezy

Grumpy and sneezy said...

Where you got your figures from Doc?

Anonymous said...

Latest : SIA voted Asia's top airline and No.3 in world rankings. Like all our readers out there, I am sure we are all longing to see the second rise of this great airline to the top once again. SQ must never forget for one fleeting moment that other carriers have caught up with us because they copied our ideas and rallied the ground most effectively. Tim Clark, Emirates President has come out very clear on this. The relentless pursuit for ultimate customer satisfaction and excellence knows no limits.

This story about sparkling water and lime is not so impactful to the general public at all. Good as it may sound for PCL paxs, it is not to be encouraged because of safety and food hygiene issues. The pax's compliments on the IFS is a testimony of good initiative. But this cannot go on all the time, lest one day someone will get SORED. Every crew must be at designated stations at all times for safety reasons.

Anonymous said...

No LIMEgate type of controversy at
EK and yet many adore them,including me.
Ratings are to be taken with a pinch of salt.
Didn't EY have an issue with Skytrax a few years