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Friday, July 29, 2016

SIA profitable but share price dropping

Although SIA's first quarter profit tripled to $256 million, it's share price fell 2% at 2pm today to $10.98c. What do you think is the problem with SIA?


Cartier cig said...


1.SIA management's style.
2.SIA crew's attitude.
3.Rising competitors (low cost like AK and full service like EK).
4.Industry as a whole.Many potential aviation staff join other industries because they feel flying isn't safe or isn't lucrative enough.
5.Media favouring certain airlines.
6.Reviews especially via social media can make or break an airline.

Anonymous said...

6 years flying senior says:

profitable only because of low fuel...
and cost cutting from within...
no innovation
chao sng mentality ( old fashion )
why investor put money here?
this coy only like to brag past glory,
but do nothing to look forward....
If i investor, i put in google, amazon, facebook , netlfix...

Anonymous said...

SQ has been living on past glories.

Their profits throughout the years has not been from
flying activities alone. Selling stakes in subsidiaries,
aircrafts, buildings, and unrelated airline operations.

They believe this strategy could be applied each and every time.
It helped pay for huge bonuses to VPs etc.
Now, its reality. The real competition is here and they have no

Things got worse since all the hunt to cut cost started.. of all places
from 6 cans of coke to just 2 in the first class. They should have focused
on staff development. To handle customer experiences, expectations and
incentivize staff with meaning and security in their later years.

But cutting the coke, bread, lemon slices was the simplest way. No brain required.
And that it just it... brainless.

Junior Management Consultant said...

I don't drink Coke.In fact I consume healthy stuff.

Cutting down on carbonated drinks in 1st is ok.

What's not ok is cost cutting at the expense of
crucial things like staff development or other things
that can improve SIA's bottomline in the long run.This
also helps retain good staff because the staff
appreciates the fact that the company is willing
to invest the time and money in training them.

Someone's been giving management some unsound advice.

Anonymous said...

So where are those idiots and gurus who posted share prices going to chiong!?
Come out and tell that into nimpeh's face now

Anonymous said...

Wahaha. Where are those people who bought SIA shares at $17 bucks pre A380 after 'analysing' it will past $21 bucks after A380 is delivered. Thats why I dont play shares.Its like holding to a time bomb. Rise v v slowly over years but can crash overnight. Rather punt on my favourite liverfools or manure. 50/50 chances and results known in max 90 mins

Anonymous said...

Retribution for asking good staff to go, retaining mediocres, promoting those who spend their off days in the office and festering bad talk. To make matters worse, paying so much to all these directors on top of high bonuses and talking down at the graded staff.

Queenspark Ranger said...

Paper loss.

Just keep and collect dividends.
It wont compensate for principal amount but...
... you can pledge your shares for a bank loan.

Try doing that with your betting slip on manure vs liverfool at 4:2



Anonymous said...

Creative shares $22 bucks a share when peaked. I bought 10 lots! Every year they still pay dividends what. So when can cover my losses again?

Anonymous said...

Buy EK shares better

Anonymous said...

People confuse with trading vs investing.

Trading means buying & selling whenever there is profit.
Investing means buying for dividends and/or capital gains.

If you bought shares at high price, you were expecting it to go
even higher... was it realistic or just a hope & a prayer?
If it did go higher, how much higher would you have sold it?
Or would you still hope it gets higher still?

If you bought shares for dividends, then did you calculate yield?
Was the yield higher than bank deposits or higher than CPF or both?
If it was lower, than you must have information that no one had.

Buying shares is not like buying fish & vegetables at the market.
Listen to your friend and buy SPH?, ( gov linked what! how to fail!??)
Buy CityDev? ( Ah Beng owns Gloucester Hotel in LON what!.. how to fail?)
Buy SingPost? ( monopoly what?! gov-linked... how to fail? )

Do your own homework.
Its not the same as buying nasi lemak, fried rice.
Its more than $20,000.

$20,000 small amount? Try asking from bank to borrow $10.
If small amount should be easy to get right?

Try saving $20,000. Easy?.. no sweat?

Sifu of Welch said...

In the first freaking place,why invest in shares?There are other better ways to make money and for goodness sake,even if you want to invest,why SIA?Ayoooo got better choices. Always research before parting with your hard earned money,whatever the amount.bodoh bodoh.why invest in a sinking ship? don't let the recent airline rankings fool is not a good time to be taking unnecessary risks.stupid 70%