Saturday, July 9, 2016

Using yesterday's tools for today's task will not worked

Bullying and talking down from senior crew to junior crew is still going on, I was told, albeit on a lesser scale as compared to the old days. Recently, 2 girls told me they were scolded and one even had a harsh word from the management after a senior complained about her.  This is only the tip of the iceberg, according to one source. Some demoralised juniors resort to resigning from the company after they have served their "bond period".
Could the above be one of the reasons for the high turnover of junior crew?
Shouldn't the seniors be more skillful and diplomatic in their dealings with their juniors? Surely we do not want a situation whereby our cabin crew are all "foreign talent", do we? If I am not wrong, currently the foreign cabin crew makes up 30% of the population and they are mostly junior crew. It's pointless to conduct interview after interview every other month when the resignation rate of the junior crew is so overwhelming. To stem the flow of resignation, the airline need to examine it's policy towards the juniors. Ask yourself, if the crew are happy why would they want to quit by the hundreds?
Using rough tactics on the juniors might have worked well
during yesteryear but not anymore. The present generation would either rebel or quit the airlines. This is a lose lose situation.
Any comments?


Anonymous said...

The nature of the job is such that time is precious.

On long haul flights, rest periods need to begin very soon after
service, otherwise there will be infringement of procedures.

Managing people requires time to listen, have a dialogue and an agreement.
The skills to achieve that requires more than training: there must be a mentor,
to guide the practitioner.

It is a pity that management are loathe to weave into the careers of employees, a well
thought out development programme. One route is to offer a certified qualification in people management.
This sort of certification will help staff engage in life long learning and also an alternative job once they leave the company.
There are staff who are committed to a long term career, but circumstances may have them leave the company sooner than they wish.

Handling crew is very much a human resource activity and certifications associated with this will entice people to stay longer, practice high standards of people management and offer alternate job roles.

But management is not only stingy, they want the best at the lowest price. Its not going to work, and it never will.

Mykad holder said...

Some juniors are Malaysians and I feel sorry for the ones who are bullied or taken advantage of by evil senior Singaporeans. If not for the exchange rate,why would they work in Singapore or even join SIA? I hope the management or my own government will help some of them. They must know their rights as employees under existing labour laws and the management must ensure that lines of communication are open for them to voice their grievances. The government must protect whistleblowers better too.

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect,regardless of their
race,religion,nationality,education background etc.

Mykad holder(xxxxxx-1x-xxxx)

Jr CC said...

Not only does the senior cc downtrodden us but the middle management staff in the office like that S.See,H.Ang and others who are very intimidating from the very start of our training in cctc.

Anonymous said...

The source code lies within STC.
Reformat the code, add new ones and all problems go away.

Mykad holder said...

That's why when flying SIA,we must not give the junior crew a hard time.The last thing
we want is for them to get into trouble with their evil non Malaysian seniors.Don't be difficult even if you're a wealthy frequent flyer. Be reasonable with your requests and don't treat the call button like your Astro remote at home (MY pax know this).

They just want to cari makan like the crew at MH and AA.

Mykad holder(xxxxxx-1x-xxxx)

Anonymous said...

Nobody ask you Malaysians to join Singapore Airlines. You want to work here, just be prepared to accept the shit, otherwise f back to the shithole you all belong to.

Anonymous said...

Coming from a background training portfolio, i would say that these days, most of the ranking crew are more aligned with modern leadership values. However there are a minority of both senior non-ranking and ranking crew who still uses the old methods of communicating and managing a team. I believe that once a leader stops learning, then that person has "expired" as a leader. Instead of complaining about how new crew are these days, these senior non-ranking crew and ranking crew (the minority i'm referring to) should step up and upgrade themselves by reading leadership books that will help them both in the airline AND (if they leave) in the outside world. To not want to upgrade is a lazy excuse. And when leaders lose their tempers, I'll always attribute it to their poor leadership skills and poor self management (emotionally and thinking process). Yes some junior crew may perform badly, but ain't a leader supposed to motivate and inspire the junior crew to do better and change their mindset? Isn't that the basis for their promotion?

Anonymous said...

Then stop hiring Malaysians.Get your people to petition the government about this.

Anonymous said...

Anon on Malaysians
not being asked to
join SIA,

Future cardboard
collector detected.

Just stay your bitter
self and see how far
that takes you.

No wonder the government
keeps bringing in FTs.

Go disappear if you
have nothing of value
to add.

We only want those who
can raise our standard of

Highly educated,well to do,
healthy individuals that can
provide long term solutions.

This isn't your playground son.

We want only the best here.

Anonymous said...

They either don't want to upgrade or they lack the capacity to do so. Not all old dogs can be taught new tricks. McGregor's transformational leadership is not for everyone. AA's Tony Fernandes is a contemporary example of what transformational leadership can do for a company.

Some at SQ are just plain stubborn and put up all sorts of resistance to change. This affects the airline's capacity to attract genuine talent and to keep the existing ones.

These guys who belong to that old management school of thought must wake up and smell the caramel latte !

The airline's management must revisit Kotter's principles.

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Orang Cina Singapura babi said...

"Nobody ask you Malaysians to join Singapore Airlines. You want to work here, just be prepared to accept the shit, otherwise f back to the shithole you all belong to."

Jangan kurang ajar! Jangan berlagak! We're watching you!

Anonymous said...

When the MSA split came, SIA was born on 1 Oct 1972. Our vision was to go the long haul. MAS,on the other hand was content with concentrating on their domestic routes. I commend the writers on this blog for telling off the Malaysians. They have done the right thing and need not apologise. In the first place, Malaysia is not Tanah Melayu. Rightfully, it can only be known as Tanah Orang Asli, the indegenious people of Malaysia. Not denying that there are good Malaysians working here, just like there are horrible Singapore staff as well. Ultimately, it is all about you.

Anonymous said...

They had no choice but to focus on domestic routes to appease the locals,in particular the East Malaysians.Malaysia is made up of more than 10 States and Territories and not just an island so the country is not easy to govern.It also has more than 15 races if you include East Malaysia. East Malaysian natives are also Bumiputeras like the Malays in West Malaysia.I don't expect someone like you to understand.

You are entitled to your opinion just like the Malaysians.However,vulgarity is unnecessary like in the case of the person who referred to Malaysia as a shithole.You don't have to be vulgar to express your opinion.

At the end of the day,both countries were relieved to go their separate ways.

Whatever makes you happy,we say!

Let's not get in each other's way.

You stay on your side of the border and we'll stay on our side,thank you very much.

Negaraku,tanah tumpahnya darahku
(My country,the land where my blood was spilled)-->national anthem

-Proud Malaysian-

Anonymous said...

Proud Malaysian has a weird way of expressing himself. To suggest that they had no choice but to appease the locals.....for the reasons mentioned is akin to a carpenter blaming his tools. If what he or she has written is true, explain now,,how is it that MAS eventually ended up flying the long haul? Is he so afraid to admit that the vision of MAS was seriously flawed from the very beginning,or is he trying to seek self pity? Issues such as race, language and other paraphenalia are irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

I am merely saying that we don't have a choice. Like I said you can have your own views about this.I don't think there was anything more MAS could've done,given the frequent unnecessary political interference especially from UMNO.There are some things that cannot be changed in Malaysia. The Bumiputeras are not easy to appease and they're well aware of their constitutional rights. Let us just agree to disagree.There's no right or wrong answer here.

Negaraku,tanah tumpahnya darahku
(My country,the land where my blood was spilled)-->national anthem

-Proud Malaysian-