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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Beware especially when in South Africa

Fwd Msg; 

My GS had his atm card stolen with the sleight of hand trick from right under his nose in JNB.  He tried to withdraw $ from the Nedbank atm outside Pick&Pay. A guy in front of him told him the 2atms were spolit and pointed to the next machine. As the GS slotted in the card, same guy told him his card was slotted in wrongly and helped him reinsert his card. Of course when he keyed in the pin and realised what had happened, it was too late; card and guy was gone. All this while another GS was standing watch about 5m behind but din realise anything was amiss.
When he tried calling POSB to cancel his card within the next 5-10min, he received 3 sms from POSB for 3 cash withdrawal of 4000rand each.
Got the hotel staff to accompany us to the police station to lodge a report. Vr-ed and SM got a copy.
According to the police, the Nedbank atms in the mall both upstairs and downstairs have the highest incidents.
Goto be alert all the time.

BT: SA Rand or ZAR  1000 = SGD 107.


Anonymous said...

POSB card can be used to withdraw cash overseas?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are so naive. This is the problem when you come from a country with a very low crime rate. You won't know all the tricks in the book. Africans are notorious for this sort of thing just like Lebs.

Anonymous said...

Hi sir. What's gs?

Keh-Khiang nang... said...

Silly people (crew or not )

If the SIN Government can lose equipment.....

1. POSB/DBS/UOB etc charge S$5 for every overseas ATM withdrawal. On top of that, there are exchange rates and foreign currency transaction fees. Only CitiBank has no withdrawal fees. Next time, go money changer in SIN and change before flight. After all you will sign on as crew for life no?

2. Never attempt using ATM, after some "kind" soul tells you that the ATM is faulty etc
Its a dead giveaway there is a scam in operation. Walk or try another ATM far away.

3. Get a friend who does not fool around with his/her smart phone while you are doing serious things.

Lots of people in SIN are in la-la land.
Not street wise at all... not even when they are at their own void decks.

Anonymous said...

GS is galley steward or flight steward.

Anonymous said...

Tidak apa attitude

Lose equipment, lose limping prisoner in custody,lose investment opportunities from China..

Silly shih tzu steward, so careless like our blue poodles.

Anonymous said...

Coming from Sin,outstation due to uneven distribution of wealth it's a wild wild world. Scam everywhere,next time have a buddy to observe behind.Anyone nearby they could be remembering the pin no,they are simply to help fill their needs which is your money.Try using passion card or NTUC card or add additional digit by floating over the no.It's obvious they are not widely read.Pickpocket in Rome,shit on your shirt, in Indyland,you drop some coins, too much to cover here.VR,SM got copy will get no refund by the bank,only confirmation of you daftness.Lesson learnt ?

Anonymous said...

Gay steward=GS

Anonymous said...

Crew live in an insulated world.
Their entire lives is dictated by the roster,
Their entire world is governed by the managers
Their entire perspective is passing the Programme C etc.

la-la land.