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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Breaking News: crew went missing (MIA) overseas

Coming up soon.... a newbie steward went missing during nightstop and did not return to Singapore with the crew....why and what actually happened to this crew?
Will blog about it when more news come in.

At 6 pm this evening:

The steward has been found. He was left behind by his set of crew at Brisbane when he did not appear at the hotel lobby for
departure this morning. As to the reason/s why he went missing, the company is still investigating.

By 7pm:

The reason the steward went missing was very personal in nature so I am not going to blog about it. He is safe but sustained bruises and will be flying home on 24/1/17. Consider this case closed.


Anonymous said...

His photograph can be viewed over yahoo.com

Mischievous pax said...

Haha got left behind in Brissy? It's alright mate. Just book a day tour to Noosa.No worries.