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Saturday, January 7, 2017

CC's retirement payment is more attractive than CCEs'

For a cabin crew who retires at age 55, he/she would be receiving  a gratuity payment of $166,000 (please refer to my previous post here). This is considered as a very generous payout. Of course, a crew has the choice of not retiring at this age and may work till the official retirement age of 62 after which he/she will be given $20,000 as a gratuity payment.
A cabin crew executive (cce) who opts for early retirement after 15 years of continuous service may be paid a maximum of 25 times his basic salary. The basic salary of a cce after 15 years in the company is about $5,000. Therefore, the amount a cce will be getting is $125,000 (5,000 x 25).
However, if the cce decides to carry on working till the official retirement age of 62, he/she will receive nothing.
The cces who are not former cabin crew (direct intake) must possess at least an upper second-class honours from a recognised university.
After reading the above, one may come to the conclusion that the airline is in a great hurry to get rid of the crew and not the cce. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

You need younger and physically able crew. The folks in the office need not look good.

Anonymous said...

WTF your previous post was taken from cpf board. its not the gratuity amount given by sq what