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Saturday, January 28, 2017

CNY Eve's party at STC

Yesterday being the eve of the Chinese New Year, staff and cabin crew trainees at STC (SIA Training Center) had a big party. There was a lion dance followed by the distribution of oranges (signify as gold) from the cabin crew management to their staff and trainees. There was also a buffet lunch. The staff at STC was dismissed from work at 12 noon and frankly, the staff love this early release than the lion dance, oranges and lunch.


Anonymous said...

Should have invited passengers.

Anonymous said...

Invite passengers? They would be the last people on earth
the crew and staff want to meet.

Anonymous said...

must have halal food... end up using same caterer again and again.

Cheeky said...

Aw don't say that. You know you like us.

Without us passengers,you won't have a job.

Save some food for us.