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Monday, January 30, 2017

Crew to be careful when in JNB, South Africa

During our nightstops in Johannesburg many years ago, my crew and I took a bus and travelled 200 kilometers away to Sun City. There was no incident of robbery or any form of intimidation from the locals. We stayed there for 2 nights and travelled back to our hotel in JNB unharmed.
These days there are more incidents of crew being robbed or attacked in JNB, the latest being a steward who was robbed of his atm card and money.
Perhaps during the time I was in JNB, South Africa was under apartheid rule (white rule) and there was less crime albeit still much higher compared to many other countries. Murders have increased from 16,000 to 20,000 since 2013. The currency has weakened against the USD from R3.4 in 1994 to R14.8 in 2016. Needless to say the unemployment rate has increased too. All this have contributed to steep rise in crime.
Our crew has to be on the alert whenever they are nightstoping in JNB. One careless mistake and you will be mugged or killed.


Anonymous said...

Good not to use credit or ATM cards while in JNB of any other African country. Cash is still the most reliable means. Looking at the depreciation of the Rand posted by Uncle BT, it is best to use USD to change for Rand from the local banks there.

Anonymous said...

Best is dont go out. Stay in room. Got internet and drystores can liao. Best is foc breakfast. Whack 1 meal, last whole day.

Anonymous said...

Just be wary when you are on the African continent and when dealing with Africans on any part of the planet. They're notorious for fraud etc.

Anonymous said...

Jus beware of those turkish and muslims in europe as well. Those gypsies that hang around tourist attractions.