Monday, January 23, 2017

Intolerable passengers

The would-be tenants of my friend's unoccupied apartment gave so much trouble that in the end my friend didn't want them. They were all from the same "stock".
I remember we, as crew faced the same problem when handling such people. They would board the flights lugging with them from TV sets to pots and pans. The check-in staff would closed both eyes and allow them to board with their stuff. Ultimately, the cabin crew had to face the brunt of not knowing where to store these so called baggage.
During flight, they would scold and threaten the crew if they did not get what they wanted. They demanded for playing cards, ball point pens etc as souvenirs. If we did meet their demands, they would threaten to complain to our then chairman whom they claimed was their relative.
They did not only dirty the toilets but flooded the toilet floor with water from their "showers".
Another challenge for the crew was during the meal service. They would ask for a change of their half-eaten meals if they felt their fellow passengers meals were better.
Besides all this, the crew had to tolerate their body odour which had invaded the cabin from the commencement of boarding.
Many crew would avoid flying on those routes by reporting sick.


Anonymous said...

I never encounter such problems where flying MH. AA does have its share of irritating passengers though. I guess some SQ passengers have a greater sense of entitlement. I heard once that one SQ stewardess even separated the Brazilian nuts from the other nuts for one SQ passenger.Can't remember whether it was in Economy or Business. It's good to go the extra mile but not to the extent where passengers think they can treat the crew like maids. You must still learn to treat the crew with dignity and respect.

Cashew Nuts said...

Nuts separation was a true story. The asshole was a first class pax who is already buried 6 feet underground, maybe roasted like Brazilian nuts in hell!!!

Anonymous said...

First Class ticket holder expect first class treatment.

Anonymous said...

Just don't follow the example of the stewardess below.

This isn't going the extra mile.

Anonymous said...

In reference to the nuts comments... My personal experience.

There was once I flew Y-class. I casually asked if they happened to have a bag of salted nuts. The crew actually offered to sort them for me the bags of assorted nuts, seriously!! I was flabbergasted and of course, politely declined than to trouble them over something so trivial.

Sometimes there are really awesome crew in SQ who willingly go the extra mile for pax. I genuinely appreciate them. Thumbs up.

Anonymous said...

I can guess which country those passengers were from, by the remark 'body odour'. Singapore Airlines management should take a firm stance with such passengers! Only a limited amount of handcarry luggage is allowed. The Cree on European airlines would not tolerate such nonsense! I have seen them tell off unreasonable passengers! Their unions are very strong.

SeniorCitizen said...

I flew back to Singapore from the US once on an American airline that transited in Hong Kong. There were many passengers going back to Delhi. The toilets were flooded with dirty water on the floor...the disgusting water was literally swishing from one end of the toilet to the other. I was told by the crew that this was a common occurrence as the passengers were not used to Western-style toilets. Throughout the very long flight, the passage ways were blocked by several overweight passengers congregating in the aisles to chitchat, and some even to exercise. The air crew were very apologetic and advised me that in future, to avoid such horrible conditions inflight, that it would be better to take the Los Angeles to Singapore flight that transited in Tokyo.

Anonymous said...

Passengers from the middle kingdom are no different...

Lingerie model said...

Worst passengers for crew to serve are Indians, Chinese and Arabs.

My ancestors from Yunnan will not be happy.

Indians are everywhere just like mainland Chinese so deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Cabin Crew are all expected to take problem ownership, very often with a smile. These blogs are truly factual and are a grim reminder of how ugly a pleasant flight can turn out to be haunting nightmare. It is also timely to state that passengers are NOT always in the right. They are, always important and are certainly not above the law and are bound by all legal protocals governing commercial airlines. The Warsaw Convention is one example. A copy is printed on the ticket.

No airline management should feel afraid to deal firmly with unruly and irresponsible paxs and to fully back up their employees fearlessly. On a recent KAL flight, a male pax commented that the FSS were ill-prepared to handle an unruly traveller that he had to intervene personally.This was posted on the internet. We must never let this happen to us.

Anonymous said...

CIA.....Chinese, Indians and Arabs.

Anonymous said...

Some time ago, UA flew its paxs from LAX to HKG/SIN. Shortly after take off, the flight had to turn back to LAX. The Commander informed the paxs over the PA, that this was a case of a hydraulic leak and was warranted by safety reasons. All paxs took the news quietly and gracefully with the exception of an Asian couple who flew into a rage, ranting and abusing the cabin crew. Obviously, the apologies were not good enough.

It took some long hours to have the problem rectified before it resumed its journey to its detination. Upon arrival in HKG, Security boarded the aircraft and escorted this couple out. It was learnt that they were detained for questioning and were made to leave on another flight much later. Guess what? This couple were from Singapore.

Happy CNY said...

In this region Singaporean passengers are among the most difficult to deal with. Just ask the crew from major airlines in this region.Sad but true. Before flying, the crew will know who the passengers are, name and nationality.

They expect to be treated like a Business passenger when travelling Economy which is like expecting a Perodua Viva to perform as well as a Toyota Camry. They also make sure the crew are aware of their first tier membership status,eventhough the crew never actually ask for it.

Anonymous said...

Many of these travellers mentioned by Happy CNY are PPS or Solitaire members. Their air fares are paid for by their respective employers. It is not uncommon to see some of these paxs, during their leave or off days who bring their families to the PPS Lounge in Orchard Rd and ask to be served. To be eligible, a valid ticket for travel is required or have they forgotten? These people will not take no for an answer and go on to abuse the Lounge staff.

PPS so what said...

Old but good example

SIA passenger yells at KLIA ground staff

See how this rude passenger on cancelled SIA flight vents anger on airline's staff

A STOMPer was shocked when he saw this video of an unreasonable Singapore Airlines passenger yelling at the ground staff in Kuala Lumpur International Airport and demanding to be put on a flight because she claims to be a PPS member.

According to the STOMPer, who found the video on a video-sharing site, the incident happened sometime in July.

A flight delay, supposedly due to engine issues, had irritated passengers waiting to board Singapore Airlines flight SQ 117 at KLIA.

The situation worsened when the flight was eventually cancelled.

In the video, an irate passenger ,claiming to be a PPS Club member, is seen yelling at the ground staff and demanding to be put on a flight.

When the staff tries to explain, the woman yells further and emphasises her claim on special privileges as a PPS Club member, which is an SIA membership program one grade above the Krisflyer member.

The sender, who alerted STOMP to the video, says:

“I'm a Solitaire PPS member but I'm saddened by the behavior of such people.

“I think we need to show it so that we can educate our young and demonstrate to Singaporeans what behavior we should not condone.”

Anonymous said...

Management cultivated these demonic pax.

Anonymous said...

An air ticket or PPS status are not a license to abuse. Yes, Management has, to a certain extent, played a role in cultivating these paxs but no one deserves to be called demonic. Recently, an SIA commander booted a PPS out of the aircraft over threats and safety issues. The pax will have to answer to his superiors for his conduct, and more seriously, on the loss of any potential or real loss in business dealings with his employer's clients.

Another case involved a Singaporean pax who punched a stewardess. This same person was detained by the Malaysian Special Branch for internal security reasons. His name was mentioned in a casino scam in a neighbouring country. The media also reported that he was found dead in a hotel room some years ago.

Anonymous said...

A PPS Club member is not entitled to a seat in the event of a delay that is generally beyond the control of airlines. Solitaire members, on the other hand, are guaranteed a seat in the economy cabin of the airline issuing the SPPS membership. So tragic to learn of such ugly incidents coming from the PPS Club.

Anonymous said...

And people like the one who yelled at the KLIA ground staff give bona fide PPS members and Singaporeans a bad name. So undignified.

Anonymous said...

Did not realize it until now I read now that I read all these. There was once I took a flight to mumbai to visit my wife who was posted there, and was wondering why the toilet floor was wet, very very wet, much wetter than sg public toliet floor, much like puddle of water, even the area outside the lavatory was also very wet and no one seemed to care, haha.