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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Now we know why so many want to be a cabin crew

To be a steward /stewardess with SIA, one does not have to be a graduate. The minimum educational qualification is GCE "O" Level with 5 credits. Above is the monthly salaries of the various ranks of crew. At the bottom of the table is the salary of a CCE (Cabin Crew executive).
The salaries of the crew include all the various allowances. The CCE does not receive any allowance because he/she does not fly and works in the office. The CCE is equivalent to the position of an Administrative Officer in other divisions of SIA. The minimum entry educational qualification for a CCE is a 2nd Class (Lower) Honours.


Anonymous said...

Can retire comfortably in Malaysia.

Retired and Gay said...

Retirement is an event in one's life that is not a simple straight line calculation.

5 Questions that help:

1. What is my current expense
2. What can my future expense look like?
3. What expense I need to pay regardless of any event?
4. How much to provide as margin of safety?
5. How stable is my current salary?

Retirement is not the end goal.
It is just part of the scheme of life.

Unagi said...

The crew may make a lot but some lack financial discipline and don't plan for their future.It's not how much you earn but how you spend what you earn.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say but the salary range isn't exactly accurate.

More so when you class both genders equally under the same category, for instance FS/FSS.

It has long been known that a FSS can get 3 long flights in a month's roster, that helps to contribute to their higher earnings, whereas a FS gets only 1, on the extremely rare occasion 2.When JNB/CPT was launched on the A350 fleet, most of the FS had THAT as their only long flight. 7-days COP for $400~. HA-CHOO and the money is gone.

Yes you can argue that the number of FSS on a flight outnumbers that of a FS,hence the better roster. But during the hiring process, company also takes in lesser male than female crew to account for this difference. So one wonders where does the disparity come from then.

No FS can safely say they make within the salary range as stated, or even dream of hitting the higher end of that scale. Their salary seems more so on par with that and a newly appointed CCE.

Just me 2cents worth.

Naughty said...

That's why some become gigolo to supplement their earnings.