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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Stewardess "sabo-ing her chief steward" ??

A junior stewardess on a SIN/SFO flight saw her chief steward left the aircraft before all paxs had disembarked. She wrote to the management and told what she witnessed. The management wrote back to her stating that crew with a certain name may be subjected to "secondary clearance" in which case the other crew may have wait for the said crew. Therefore, the chief steward was permitted by the C-I-C to disembarked earlier.
Many crew felt that the stewardess should have sought clarification from her C-I-C instead of writing to the office. Also, no cabin crew on the flight would leave the aircraft before all paxs had left unless given special permission by the C-I-C.
Many senior crew also felt that the stewardess was trying to "sabo" (undermine) the chief steward who had earlier corrected her on her work performance. Now they are upset with the stewardess and a WhatsApp message on the issue is being circulated around with her photo, her email and the reply from the management.


Anonymous said...

Poor soul the seniors will be after her blood

Anonymous said...

Why scared? Just resign lo :) am sure many wannabes can take her place :)

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, stewardess Malaysian and steward Singaporean....maybe she refused his advances?

Anonymous said...

She may have used her smoking gun for the wrong reasons.

Anonymous said...

I dont get why her photo has to be circulated around though. she is doing her part on reporting wrongdoings. this is safety related issue, which by right CIC should have inform the team of crew beforehand too.

why all crew has to disembark only after pax is to do a quick comb of the aircraft, and also if she is allowed to leave earlier, what happens if she did plant something in the aircraft and that is her early escape?

once again, management f-ing themselves up for crew doing the right thing.

Model passenger said...

During my many years of flying as a passenger on many airlines, I've yet to come across a situation where the crew leaves the aircraft earlier than the passengers. Something is amiss. Let's give both the steward and stewardess the benefit of the doubt until a thorough investigation has been conducted. Speculating doesn't help matters.

Anonymous said...

What investigation? What speculation? None of that man! Don't you read that the cs was granted permission to leave the aircraft after all premium economy passengers had left. The reason is obvious.

I not stooopid said...

When every staff is encouraged to report anything that they feel is
not right, the result is unnecessary investigations.

In this particular instance, an open question addressed to all crew
at the hotel lobby BEFORE departing for USA or on the bus to the airport,
would have created sufficient transparency for all.

"... who needs to clear CIQ first, due to passport issues...?

Some readers may not understand the USA Immigration processes:

People with certain passports and or names that may sound similar to
known travellers on the "no fly list" are subjected to "secondary clearances"
that means more time, perhaps for interviews or search through the US immigration data base.

Crew would need to disembark earlier ( along with pax ) for this purpose.
Otherwise, the rest of the crew may have to wait in the crew transport, just for
that one crew.

The company is loath to pay for taxi services just for that one ( or sometimes 2 ) crew. This is the main reason why special permission is granted. Its money lah.

Anonymous said...

then its both CIC and CS fault for not informing the team of crew for the early disembarkation in the first place. not the poor blacklisted fss!

I not stoopid said...

The actions taken by the FSS is reflective of her attitude.
What is her intent?

To question:

- why a crew disembarked before completion of "after landing duties"
- to insinuate conspiracy or favouritism between IFS & CS?

What possible noble and humble intent in reporting such incidences?

Being encouraged to report incidences carries a responsibility for
intent. There must be weight. That means a high level of understanding
of procedures and practices. An attribute that has not yet matured in this FSS.

Anonymous said...

lol ur knnlpcccb lah an attribute that has not yet mature in this fss. then the management circulate her picture among crew very mature ah. think before you try to act an atas with ur questioning nb.

Anonymous said...

How can they circulate her pic like that? Hope they didn't also write something defamatory because she can take action. Here,in Malaysia,normally we just make police report and sometimes Multimedia Commission may get involve. If she leaves but finds it hard to find work elsewhere because of this, the steward best beware. Don't simply circulate things.

Anonymous said...

Talking about Malaysia? Go back and find yourself a job.

Anonymous said...

Get lost!

Angry said...

Get lost stoopid!