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Friday, January 20, 2017

Will SIA be around in the next 10 to 20 years?

It is nice to be a crew with SIA which is up to now, a generous and good employer. However, when you read this report, it will send shivers down your spine. More here.


Anonymous said...

SIA may be like NOL both SG government owned and NOL lost so much that it was
sold to a foreign company. Will it also happen to SIA??

Anonymous said...

SIA is a lousy airline.
Overpriced, under delivered service.

Don't shortchange yourself said...

EK better... Same goes for other ME airlines.

Anonymous said...

SIA feels going the way of investing in superior service and customer support is the game to play. WRONG GAME, WRONG STRATEGY. The ACE CARD lies in the crew, which all too often senior mgt. that come and go, always find ways to squeeze them bone-dry of allowances and expect the crew to be loyal and support the Company. Crew still depend on their allowances. Senior mgt on the other hand get to sit on their salaries without threat.

If there is a perceived value in the crew, passengers would be willing to pay more to be on SQ.

It used to be a good job. Even to the extent crew would go out of their way to take pride in the work. Today nobody even bother to arrange the amenity / drystore carts.

Even CC jr. mgt now, will not want to rock the boat and will align themselves to CC senior mgt.

A good question to ask is : Why are many good crew leaving the company even when they still have a good many years left with the Company?


I am stoopid said...

Its about being profitable.

"We used to operate Singapore Airlines to Athens,
with a full-service provision. But it wasn't economically
viable because there wasn't enough premium traffic.
There was a lot of leisure, and visits to friends and relatives,
so we dropped the route from Singapore Airlines,
and it will be operated by Scoot next year.
Scoot is more than 45% lower in terms of unit cost compared to
Singapore Airlines and can be profitable on that route."