Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Another category of MCs

Besides taking MCs in Singapore, there are cabin crew especially stewardesses who would consult the overseas doctors and obtain medical leave to extend their stay at outstations.
Extending the stay at outstations pay attractive dividends.
Firstly, the "sick" crew would be paid extra overseas meal allowances which could amount to $250 a day. Secondly, they would get to stay in the same hotel room for free. Thirdly, most of them would get their boyfriends/girlfriends to bunk in with them so as to take "care" of them. Fourthly, after they've "recovered" they would fly back to Singapore as passengers and enjoy the inflight service "other airlines talked about".
The 2 favourite places to report sick were London and New York.


Anonymous said...

No wonder the management doesn't really care about crew well-being. Some crew are no better than leeches gaming the system.Something must be done about these loopholes or the management will continue to be made fools of.

Anonymous said...

Agreed with your statement that the care of the crew is the last items.Factors to consider are will the sickness ,illness affects the passengers ?Chicken pox and bird flu?Normally the least knowledgeable and 1 term crew cannot see the bigger picture,inflicting more hurt on themselves. They can be force to "rest" on STC till recovery ,which is a greater loss of income into thousand for the month. These countermeasures are an effective deterrent.However if the crew burst their eardrum due to flu and fainting could be more troublesome or burst appendix on board, the cost are worst off.Ownself check ownself does not work.not a leeches or gaming the system. Balance of cost and risk.In VY case, repatriation and death are certainly unacceptable to all.

Anonymous said...

Uncle BT has not mentioned the cases of foreign crew who go back on their off-days or short annual leave. It is not uncoomon for these crew to report sick when they are supposed to return to SIN and resume their flight duties. A case in point is Pulau Pinang, the Pearl of the Orient. Perhaps the air in Penang is not very clean such that an MC is equired for an extended rest.