Monday, February 13, 2017

A buffet is not for "tar pow" (take away)

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Anonymous said...

Hope is not SQ crew

Anonymous said...

Heard it is the F/A from an Ah Neh carrier :(

Ah bengs said...

IFS, CS, IA can camp all day in executive lounges.
Sometimes have to be chased away too, for lounge staff to
clean, clear and take a break.

Comments such as:

" I saved so much $$$ just eating for free at the lounge!!"
( free booze too )

Yup, its a good life. They'll fight tooth & nail just to
stay on. If its possible, they'll want to fly till 100 years old.


Anonymous said...

No wonder bmi so bad until have to ground so many of them.

Anonymous said...

Poor Sarah.

She's quite a nice and hardworking CCE actually.

Another KLite said...

And well done Sage (EK's FA) for bringing it to SIA's attention.This is not the way to do things, Sarah.

Anonymous said...

Sage from EK is a big bitchy busy body. This is none of her business yet she poke her pinocchio nose into SQ affair. Why got not enough flights to do is it??