Friday, February 24, 2017

Comments show management is not solely to blame for crew's ill-health

  • "I have been a crew for 23 years. I cant go elsewhere cos I only had N levels and I know how easy and relaxing this job is depite all the whining. No other jobs pays me 8k a month for klkk cho bo lan, finding food to eat onboard and idling outstation. I am very grateful for the job and hope they feed me till I die or retire at 67."

  • "Lack of rest woh. Work a few hours rest 24 to 48 hours. Come back SIN rest another 24 to 48 hours. Tell that to 99% of the working people ourside who work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. Even office people in cho bo lan STC work about 9 hours a day mondays to fridays then off 2 days only. As for nutrition, perhaps you guys should stop your 'must have chinese food' sickness overseas. Go frisco must eat thai joint, go paris must eat vietnamesw joint. Go london must eat goomine.

  • Exercise wise-its up to oneself to go gym or just go for a walk during those layovers. Instead of lying on bed watching those kimchee dramas or surf facebook reading whether your friends ate a old chang kee or drank a koi."

  • "They must also stop smoking and drink less. Instead of blaming work they need to accept that their lifestyle (smoking, drinking, gambling, promiscuity,compulsive shopping) makes things worse. Instead of sleeping after a long flight, some still have the energy for additional 'workout' with their colleagues. That will take 7 hours at least depending on their stamina."

  • "They dont give towels, menu cards, and constantly giving drinks."

They do,actually. Which airline you referring to now? SQ is a good company with a good management team but they can't cater for every eventuality, including the ill health of their staff. Employees are responsible for their own well-being. Ownself must take care of oneself and not expect management to do it."

  • "Honey, it happens at other airlines so stop complaining.
It's getting old.  If you don't want to have to do extra, then don't hold yourself out to be the airline that goes the extra mile. We don't want you to miss your usual cup of jasmine tea, so we went to China to get it for you.The lengths we go to. Wasn't that what your marketing girl said on YouTube? 

Don't blame the passengers, the management, the sun, the moon, the sky, your pet rabbit etc. No wonder you're not number one anymore. Nobody forced you to apply to SQ. It's optional unlike NS."


Anonymous said...

No one is saying the job is making the crew sick.

It is the management makes the crew dare not report sick when they are sick. Although MC's only account for 5% of the AA, it is enough to send a crew to the bottom 10% or even bottom 1% for the senior crew.

Anonymous said...

if you are sick then go and report sick. Many crew were promoted even their mc is high and as Bt said an ifs even got his extention when is mc was 10 days a year and never participate in the eca. Quit if not happy ok!

Anonymous said...

My rebuttal1:"I have been a crew for 23 years.."
Ans: Conditions apply eventually.Too much cosmic rays, radiations ,etc.Choose one or more,cancer,blood and gene damage, smoking?.To open knowledge,aircrew none live to 80.One major disease, no extension.
2 :Even office people in cho bo lan STC
To be healthy one need a good meals at least. Overpriced hotel fares are Western and sucks,on the other the Takeaway offers delivery and price reasonable for bulk.They are very willing to serve and matches the tastebud.Without the taste,no food intake will cause major ills. In fact it is healthier in the long term. Gourmet food? Well, how gourmet can beat the FC and JC meals served on board. Only thing is that try to eat your meals immediately after doing a 2 miles run.Cannot ? The blood cruising through at speed ,it not conducive.
3:Exercise wise-its up to oneself to g"
Exercise? A run through the biggest shopping mall in America. Gyms are always open to hotel guests. Mental exercises consists of nonstop news,guest ,host ,animal channel to political speech full spectrum to extreme, decide where you want to be,reruns of classic. Normally it's a good nightcap,whether its FB or whatever, I don't think it will kill,it fact it's a console and consolidate relationship further especially if got family. If Social activities kill ,one must be out of touch,or wrong age grouping,they can text with left hand ,and it's as easy as breathing .
4:They must also stop smoking and "
The sins mentioned above are mostly impost upon their children, but these are working adults, so one can only say smoking kill people legally as much as alcohol consumption in excess.Smoking inside hotel room incurs penalty, and also along the walkways,so the chances of smoking are very limited. Whether it is good or bad is debatable, therefore to each one,the sicker, no extension in CC.Whether it is recorded in 7 hours,but certainly before check out.
5:SQ is a good company with a good management team but they can't cater for "not expect management to do it."
Too good to itself.? KPI at all cost ?But overlooked the fact that Crews are after all human and not 3D printed.Muscles need to rest before reuse,Exhaustion can set in.The guess too demanding and expect personal maid service ?Non stop call bell ?Things go right KPI achieved. Things goes against, and bodycount.Do or die option, not in between choices.Precedures too strict, cause or contribute to the incident.Lesson learnt or expect another ?
6 "If you don't want to have to do extra, then don't hold yourself out to be the airline that goes the extra mile. We don't want you to miss your usual cup of jasmine tea: Wasn't that what your marketing girl said on YouTube?
Said on YouTube ,it says it all.That's marketing right ?Going the extra mile another ads byline.Another crew would handle the problems on board more than a mile, in fact till smile results that matter.I would do it for my kids who ever comes my way,just give me tools and facility,only limited by being inside the tube in the sky.
The Crews don't blame the passengers, not ever.However if resources cannot cover or cope their expectations during the cabin service, they are invited to see the light as in the church service, if not they could fall into the Daft Zone. Just write up a report saying beyond ability to provide,or go online.
Procedures can be updated to cover shortfall. The crew will never blame the passengers,only differentiate between happy and those not. To blame the celestial,and beyond for anything is certainly out of this world, the moon is our nearest neighbours in our night flight,our regular neighbour.We should however thank God for Blessings SQ with flawless technical records of not disappear into thin air or get a package deal when traveling. However we could do with a lucky rabbit foot,now you mentioned it,but too softy to hurt it. With the new long range plane on options, as Potus Trump said,make it SQ Great Again.SQ still the Most Admired Company in 2017.

Anonymous said...

Who is going to read your long and monotonous comment (above mine)? No spacing nor paragraphing. Wasting time writing because few would understand what you are blaring about.

Anonymous said...

Plus very poor grammar and english as well. Whine and rattle so much and I dont know what is she trying to say.

Anonymous said...

Haha SQ cabin crew are mostly retards. Can't even write decent English and earning thousands of dollars a month. Still full of complaints about their employer. Should go and get a life!

Anonymous said...

Great attempt at rebutting. Ignore the haters. We want more active participation by stakeholders (crew,passengers,management etc). Your English is fine so don't worry. We know you didn't attend INSEAD and neither did the donkey who critisized your English (previous comment).

Anonymous said...

Instead of sleeping after a long flight, some still have the energy for additional 'workout' with their colleagues. That will take 7 hours at least depending on their stamina."

Additional workout=se* with the colleagues.Some people can last 7 hours in bed. Crew do each other even the married ones(worst kept secret).