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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Did the cabin crew tell pax the following....??


Anonymous said...

Yeah �� 1st 2 comment

SiA -> Burn! ��





Anonymous said...

Still talking about MC, ECA, promotions etc. Not sian ah. Yawnzzzz

Anonymous said...

Don't quite understand the foreign crew got advantage thing. Looking at this, wonder what's the union doing? Complain to JT. She cares about issues like this because she wants the population to grow.Crew must be allowed to spend quality time with family without fear of losing points for promo/raise.

Anonymous said...

DO courses on off day so company can get money from garmen, part of work skill development fund.

Best of all such courses are also conducted by crew so at minimum cost and all to gain.

Anonymous said...

This has been going on for years but it's only now that it's getting the attention it deserves. Pity those who missed out on promotion or fallen due to poor health just because of MC. Some people in senior management must have been asleep during Ethics class.How do they sleep at night?

Anonymous said...

Yup, absolutely legal.
Get the staff to do courses ( voluntarily of course!)
and at the same time, the company claims $$ back from Gov.

What a deal! ( or is it a "steal"..?? ha! ha! )

Not to mention the secondary effects of 'competition' among the crew,
to get those extra points... ( 0.078 sort of!)

The "in-house" trainer is also a crew ( usually more senior )
and receives the perception that he/she will be the "favoured" few
to be promoted.

Ha! ha! what a deal man!.. the staff gets big headed, the managers get
free 'extra' help in the training department!

(Pssst!.. dont tell the Union, ok???
they might react.)

Anonymous said...

There's a union? If there is one then the members are probably just there to give the appearance that there is a union to take care of the staff's welfare. Did the union take up the MC issue or is the union in bed with the management?