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Thursday, February 16, 2017

IFS to be IFM or just IM?

I can't confirm at this point in time but I heard the "Inflight Supervisor" title may be renamed as
"Inflight Manager" from April this year (hope not an April Fools' Day joke). It seems salary, working conditions etc will remain unchanged.


Anonymous said...

What's the difference? Sometimes they can be seen in Economy.

Anonymous said...

Make these waiters feel good la. Just like how they call bus drivers captains also. Other fanciful titles include petrol station pump workers call themselves in oil and gas industry. Sell credit cards call bankers. Karang guni men call recycling biz. Ah beng handphone shops call in telecommunations biz. Work in some govt sectors as cleaners call themselves civil servants. Jobless call self employed etc etc la. Ownself call ownself to make one feel good mentality

Bye IFS said...

No need for supervisors.They just get others to do their work.

Anonymous said...

Semantics by Spin doctor. Don't fall for it or confirm CC retard.Issues are what matters, whether call Emeritus Steward or FA,Purser or whatever. From Senior Chief to IFS to Manager?Then the other need to feel good too.Chief Galley Officer,Super Cabin Stewardess,any superlative needed.?Questions are can it help pay the bill, will I be able to take MC when sick are more important than ever.