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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Will taking MCs jeopardised one's promotion?

Following leading stewardess Yeap demise in SFO, the local media and ex cabin crew's Facebook are abuzz with the so called "leading" cause of her death. Some cabin crew, former crew and members of the public are insinuating that Yeap was too afraid to report sick out of Singapore for  fear of being punished even though she wasn't feeling well. Some of these ex crew even blamed SIA for their resignation from their jobs. They claimed that they were not promoted because they took medical leave. Many of these crew and ex crew accused SIA cabin crew management of adopting a "flawed" MCs policy.
From my experience as a former cabin crew and executive with SIA, many crew would report sick during the eve of public holidays and public holidays like Chinese New Year, Christmas, Hari Raya etc etc. Others would report sick for turnaround flights like SIN/HKG/SIN, SIN/MAA/SIN or any flights that do not pay them much in terms of lma and ifa. As for long flights that pay them good allowances (ifa & lma) like the ones which LSS Yeap did, few would report sick. In short, some of the cabin crew would choose which type of flights they want or don't want to operate.
Sure, cc management has a system whereby a crew takes an MC on a one and two day basis, it will be classified as "casual" MCs. As for those crew who has a longer eg: 3 days or more in a single MC or being hospitalized or had been infected with dengue fever or down with chicken pox etc, they will be classified as "non casual" MCs.  For a crew having "casual" MCs, she will be at a disadvantage when it comes to promotion as compared to one who does not or has lesser "casual" MCs if everything else being equal.
Can you imagine the chaos and how many flights will be delayed  if just 5 % of the crew resort to taking MCs during the Chinese New Year period? (The crew strength is 7,000 and 5% is 350 crew).
Moreover, MCs form about 5% of the weightage for promotion. Seniority, examination,interview and appraisals form the bulk of the weightage for promotion.
In fact, SIA cabin crew division has one of the most transparent and fairest promotion systems in the world.


Employees before profits said...

Cannot compare your time and now. Now harder to take MC me thinks.SIA management will be very happy you're putting a positive spin on this after they got criticized by netizens from both sides of the border and beyond.

“I truly believe that if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business.” - Richard Branson

"Employee first, customer second"-Tony Fernandes

Boh Tong said...

I am not taking sides and I don't necessarily agree with everything that cc management
is doing but then fair is fair.

Anonymous said...

Dont potray the deceased LSS till so noble as though she dont dare take MC for SQ2 la. If its some apnn or oz flt, I can bet she no illness also keng illness. The fact she died is not really due to some pre flight illness. Its due to too much party, booze, drugs and sex in HK on 1st sector..So pls.. dont use her demise as a way of saying crew are so self sacrificing.

Chao Keng said...

That's not a very nice thing to say about Vanessa Yeap if u have no proof!Whether she Keng or don't Keng also not for u to decide! MC given are by certified doctors.

Anonymous said...

i haf flew for 17years. SiA really haf 2 review their flawed MC System.

Bohtong -> Ü knw why so many "MCs" during festive holidays?

Well, Chineses r rostered duties on CNY & Indians / Malays Off ;o

Indians rostered duties on Vesak & Malays rostered duties on Hari Raya!?

Even Army haf é decency to roster otherwise.

This is just one of the issues...

True enough -> Tan Pee Teck back; Cost cut here and there. Nw even minus creamer pots in EYCL!?

Anonymous said...

Stop whining. Every game has its rules. If you cant play by the rules, by all means, GO! Find another job that pays you 7k to cho bo lan and suka suka take MC.

Wannabe said...

Ya lo cho bolan and suka suka take mc for 7k? Aiyah 5k for me also can but sia keep failing me at their cc interview. Stop complaining and whining la and buzz of so ppl like me can be a cc.

Anonymous said...

Good post bohtong! SQ should give a medal :)

Anonymous said...

I love how the public thinks life of a crew is party all night drugs and booze while getting 7k doing nothing and taking MC. Coming as an ex flight steward, I would like to say please do yourself a favour and STFU. If you wanna critise them, please do your homework or at least try experiencing walking from jurong to pasir ris in the middle of the night, cause that is what it is like to be working as a cabin crew when you need to report for flight at 12am and fly from singapore to europe you dumb f__ks. And where in the blue hell will the crew grab drugs from when airport checks are so stringent? nabei u think they stuff the dope up their ass and just shit it out in the hotel? Almost 90% of the layover is spent in the hotel sleeping and recuperating our ass off just to go home to singapore again.


Raja said...

Sia to give bohtong a medal? It did not even give us a decent farewell meal when we left haha tan ku ku la

Vanessa to return to haunt u said...

Defaming the dead? How low can you go? All coz she isn't around to defend herself.

Anonymous said...

And if she was local, you probably won't say such a heartless thing! May you lose your job to FT.

Old cock... said...

For 30 years, I tried to get leave for CNY, Xmas,
I was successful only once... for xmas.

Reasons were:
I was not senior enough ( not enough points to bid )
I was listed as a Buddhist in HR records ( I became Christian after marriage )

Then, in most years I was either "off" or just returned to SIN,on Hari Raya, Deepavali
Easter, May Day, Vesak day or National day.
Yet, there were so many crew who were rostered on their ethnic holidays.

Its a screwed up system. Manipulated by interest parties.
A casual look if Unionists are flying on festive occasions can make your blood boil.

Of course its difficult to provide "proof". We are all fragmented and can only see our own circumstance. The information is not transparent.

Am happy I am no longer entrapped.

Earn your salary elsewhere. If you put in as much sweat & tears for SQ, you might as well do it for yourself and get rewarded with high salaries... and with less stress too.

Anonymous said...

Me 35 years.The common kpi to increase profit.For those dont know , whay happened to VY is true.Union to blame for cosy and promote kaki nang.Dont think its drug , only overwork and superpeople only exist in movies.Until another VY , or the coroner report ,do what is necessary ,when cat is around.Rest the max.Only good cat are dead cat.In the internet,all will be revealed.Dont slime the deceased.We can slime you on your epitaph too.The flaming and death curse to you will be relentless.

Anonymous said...

There are cases of crew who have not been promoted despite low or no MCs for as long as over nineteen years. If SIA is truly sincere in what they are saying, prove yourself openly and candidly.

Anonymous said...

Seen crews and known crews not promoted for twenty years also.VY was sixteen,wonder what major mistakes she done,but normally union do not have such problem,almost fast track promotion in return for trading rights of the crews.In my opinion, the people responsible are the unionist for not ensuring medicals are fair and working without do or die option,interview board for looking at narrow criterias,the sit in CCE for holding a jaundiced views of the applicant and have an axe to grind to fill kpi.Overall it forces VY to act as such.Maybe to call by CiC to ensure presence in room during longer layover.
Lastly to posthumously declare VY her next rank as CSS.Otherwise the sincerity of SIA only lip service like the old IFS,still clinging to lips does the working.The coroner's report will show badly on SQ ,better to promote and put in place to ensure no such repeats.Another VY case will also scare the paxs away.Dying on duty ?

Crew aren't machines said...

Yes... boycott SQ for mistreating the crew. BERSIH SQ of vile people. 16 years still LSS? No wonder the supervisors (pink Kebaya) at MH look very young, they get promoted early. Come on SQ management!Credit to bloggers like BT for shedding light on this MC issue.