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Thursday, February 23, 2017

No ECA but still got extension

One IFS told me he had never took part in ECA in his 30 years with the airlines. His average casual MC was 12 days a year and yet his retirement was extended. I believe he told me the truth.So what's the big hoo ha about having to participate in ECA to get promoted or retirement extension?


Anonymous said...

During interviews, there are people who cant answer any questions, no ECA and with MC but yet promote. There are those with FQ, GQ and wine sommeliar but never get.
For extentions, there are those IFS with no IA experience or ECA or go office. Yet they get extended unlike some IA who never get.
Ultimately its all about whether they buy your bullshit and want you anot.

Anonymous said...

If Sommelier, can earn more? Can FS become one or have to wait until become CS?