Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Motor bike accident and brain surgery

The above WhatApps message was from a pilot. I didn't want to publish the complete message nor his photo here due to privacy concern. This pilot is a nice gentleman but sadly he lost one of his arms in the accident.
I also heard that a chief steward has a condition known as brain aneurysm and he is undergoing surgery. Please pray for him and the pilot.


Anonymous said...

So many accidents there.JPJ and PDRM always issue warning to road users.

Anonymous said...

Whole life going awry in a flash.CS guaranteed no stc to recover and do untrain job now ?Pray for them.They need our prayers badly.Now can see real friends or not,but quiet normal because far weather friends.Aĺl weather friends normally your blood related. Its every man for themselve.Same like emergency case,choose who to rescue,those who think CC retard last on list.Fair is fair.As the POTUS Trump said,those who dont love us,dont have to come in.