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Friday, February 17, 2017

No resignation yet for CCE Sarah Tan

CCE Sarah Tan has been given a chance to attend a disciplinary inquiry instead of outright resignation regarding the MC saga in cabin crew.
Just for info, a CCE is also a unionised worker and cannot be sacked or asked to resign by the employer.
An ex colleague of mine, also a CCE was sacked by the company for so-called "inappropriate" behaviour. The union took the company to task and eventually he was compensated $170,000 for wrongful dismissal.


Anonymous said...

She still has a chance to fight her case? what a disappointment!

Group of friends said...

SIA please do not sack Sarah for she took to social media to protect your image.
Sarah is a loyal employee and you may not find one like her again if you dismiss
her. Sarah, we are solidly behind you for you are innocent.

Anonymous said...

Give her a chance to fight.Imo Sarah is a good technocrat who implements and followd through the SOP.Cause and unintended effects of such could be a runaway train, of which hopefully lessons learnt or if recalcitrant,then expect the consequences.It should not be do or die options,so to say be able to identify and deactivate sick crews on board and off so as not to jepardise the flights.Two days sick and nobody knows ?Cannot take mc so as not to disrupt flight ? Sixteens years an LSS and penalties if one more mc ?These need to be address and workable solutions agreed by unionist and management.CCE Sarsh overcommunicated in her FB.Sarah should have make it private.VY case make it a searchable and everbody smells and want justice.What was said was hardly untrue in all only aspect.Only unpalectable .Somewhere in between lies the solutions.Fight on Sarah,that the spirit.

Reputation is everything said...

A DI on your record is as good as getting sacked.

She should go for making SIA look bad. Her outburst even prompted crew at other airlines to get involved. How often do we see that?? You think Malaysians at top airlines have nothing better to do?

Also, fire the social media team for not doing enough to save SIA on social media. EK's social media team is on 24 hours!

How many more PR disasters will we see this year? It's only mid February and we've had one already!

Anonymous said...

No need to beg.Fight on.SIA will lose for not defending her.Social media will jump to her side as much as VY needed.Fallgirl ? Scapegoat ?This is the issues and we can see injustice.

Anonymous said...

She can only be sacked at a Company Inquiry if found guilty. Not at a Departmental Inquiry.

Anonymous said...

Also, fire the social media team for not doing enough to save SIA on social media. EK's social media team is on 24 hours!
From the above EK,s social media is on 24 hours.I think your team too free,nothing to do in summer,bloody hot.Maybe we should track EK FA and how they were treated.Like being misstreated by the passengers,every one a royalties.In other words ,get your own house in order.Malaysians need to work all over the world due to the local cannot provide.Try not to rock the boat and let it be handled on its own way.Higher up you really have a problems of money and so on.Put pressure and get solutions.Dont shoot off your head here.Fight on Sarah ,a true Singapore Girl.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You make it sound like she's a good employee. A company like SIA can easily find replacements. There's no need to keep her.

Kenna zero-ed said...

Ha! ha! they organised a circus!
Can sell tickets to view the proceedings.. earn some money
for the division, help pay for Dinner & dance night.

Sarah, if you know how these things turn out... better start securing another
job. You know who your friends are.

Anonymous said...

Facts or not :EK subsidise by oil,one way or another.So was other Airlines there.Shale oil competes and the price will never go up. TILLOTSON friendship with Russ and the oil field many more times bigger than Saudi.So expect lowest.Saudi change to other industry from oil.
Facts 2.Why you work overseas:we come back home,sweet home.Not to be proud of. High speed railway change all.
Facts 3.Lower prices means unable to provide subsidies for Airline.Ten year?Twenty years longer?Then balik kampong.We go back to our flats.
The Muddle East will have great airports but longer range new aircraft will bypass it.
But true blues local are rarer,which is why I am the last of the Local.Future replies will be in Myanmar,Pinoyance,Head shaking you know who.Even this words will shake .Thanks for the engagement.Time for a walk in the park or in your place,in the sand,sand,sand.Time for Trump update now.Fight on Sarah.Victory is yours to have.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Apologies EK,I googled EK and I discover quite a lot of scandalous from Pilot overworked to mile high club. Too much details here.Not to say so ,EK pot don't call the kettle black.But I cease to comment, on EK ,but clean up your bad news first.Let us handle it our way.Please have a nice day, Middle East summer can make a person crazy.