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Thursday, February 9, 2017

SIA's profit down 35.6% in Q3

SIA made a net profit of S$177 million in the third quarter to December, down 35.6 percent from the same period last year.


Anonymous said...

How is it that the company is still able to place another order for new aircraft? In its latest news released, SIA has signed a deal with Boeing Company to purchase another 39 aircraft for over $13,000,000,000.

Anonymous said...

As a forward looking airline having to compete with spoilers like EK,and oil in the ground subsidies,and complains by many US Airlines, SQ need to have longer range one stop for ASEAN passengers. However HR practice need to be improved to ensure Crews don't suffers unjustly.That is the main issues in here.

Anonymous said...

Profit down, overall economic growth also low and arguably the lowest in the region. Buy new aircraft also no use if occupancy is low. Passengers got better options. As long as EK or few other rivals get their pricing right, passengers will fly with them.

Anonymous said...

Oil price down due to shale. The mother of all Oil country using going to non oil project for sustainable economy.Drain out the EK and other subsidised Air.Only existed to showcase country but not tourist must visit place.Then come back to SQ.If you not loyal and support local ,then migrate to Forsaken sand and sand country. Why stay ?Need to collect Back for Skill future Fund.Here no space for you.

In love said...

They hedged fuel beyond 18months ( 1.5yrs ) to 2022 ( 5yrs )
At average price of US#67 per barrel.Current price is around US$54.

When they buy aircraft, they usually twist arms and get great deals from manufacturers.
They also use head lock technique with Union too.
All these years since 1990s... they had Union in the bag.
Directors all laughed at the unionists who were grown like mushrooms... always in the dark. Just buy them short trips for "bonding" in SHA etc and deals are smooth sailing.

SQ management is aaaawsome badass people.

Anonymous said...

The company or person hedging the fuel should be shot.
Paid so well yet these multi million dollar loss can happen.
Nil accountability as these big mistakes are always swept under.
They lose millions here from a silly mistake but try to scrape all the nickels & dime back from all the staff especially the flight attendants.
This company really has no ethics & conscience.