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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Too much disclosure by management

The above is an extract from a circular issued by cabin crew management detailing the criteria and components for cabin crew's promotion. In trying to be transparent and fair to the crew, management faces backlash from both the public and crew. They accused the management of punishing those who took medical leave by not promoting them or renewing their contracts. Some claimed they left because of this issue.
My questions then are:

  •  Isn't it better not to disclose too much to the crew? 
  • Are the crew grateful for the fairness and transparency?

Let the issue of promotion of the crew be decided at the interview without disclosing how it arrived at promoting such and such a person. After all, it is management's prerogative to hire, fire and promote whoever they want.


Anonymous said...

Think the management felt pressured due to recent unsavoury high profile events to disclose these things which may actually do more harm than good. What's their PR people doing?

Anonymous said...

Looks transparent but in fact it's far from it
SIAs forte, misdirection.
Say many things yet mean nothing.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I feel the same waytoo. Mgt has revealed too much and have unwittingly shot itself in the foot. The prerogative mentioned by BT is the Trump Card that the Company execises in deciding who it wishes to promote, demote, transfer, retrench and fire. No denying that it has been used in ways that have not gone down well within the rank and file.

Meritocracy is often cited as a criteria in selecting candidates for higher position. Think again and look around you.

Anonymous said...

As far back as the time when when Devan Nair was sent to talk to us while settlement of the the Pilots industrial action in the early eighties was underway, promotion in Cabin Crew had been described as having gone haywire. Does anyone on this website think that the Company is going o bend backwards just because a LSS was found dead in her hotel room?

Anonymous said...

Following BT's post management may have a fresh look at the way promotion is being done in cc.
It may become less transparent and may be bad for the majority of the conscientious crew.
Think for moment which company in SG is so opened in the appraisal and promotion exercises as in SIA cc?

Another peasant said...

Meritocracy in SG only exist for the white elitists. Sarah "get out of my elite uncaring face" Tan is an example of that.

Anonymous said...

Meritocracy is a marketing tool.
Ultimately its bias that promotes you.
Step on the wrong toes and its over.
Say the wrong things at the wrong time to the
wrong person... well,... can get you promoted still.

Employees who are younger dont understand these things
But management has no choice but to appear transparent.. or
else, not many will stay on.

Looks like TPT has a lot more "town hall" meetings to explain
these things. The spin has got to continue.