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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Why crew won't report sick for SFO and similar flights

It is not everyday that a crew get to be rostered on the SIN/HKG/SFO/HKG/SIN flight. In the case of the late leading stewardess who passed away in SFO, her basic monthly salary would have been S$2,800. The bulk of the take-home pay is from the location meal allowances (lma) and incentive flying allowances (ifa).
The trip from SIN to SFO and back probably takes about a week and she would have scored $2,300 in lma and ifa. With a few other short and medium haul flights in her monthly roster, a lss would have been paid another $1,500 (inclusive of other allowances like transport, laundry etc). For a complete month, the total salary would be around $6,600.
So, even if a crew feel slightly unwell, she would try not to report sick especially for the SFO flight (people in Singapore would say "die die also must do the SFO flight).
If one was to report sick on the SFO flight say for 2 days, one would be placed on standby duty after the 2 days of mc. When you are on standby duty, chances are you may be called up to operate the unpopular flights with low lma and ifa. In this scenario, the take-home pay for that month would be much lesser than $6,600.

I dare say the amount of salary for a leading crew would be around 6K per month because SIA, in its cabin crew recruitment website states (for a new crew):

"During training, you will receive a basic salary. Upon graduation and commencement of duties, you will  be given various allowances, bringing your monthly package to approximately SGD$4,500 -SGD$5,000, depending on flight patterns and flying hours."


Health is more important said...

Yes but what's the point of earning so much if you don't live long enough to enjoy the money you've made? Money isn't everything. When you die, you can't bring your money with you to heaven and God won't ask you how much money you made when you were on earth but whether you used your time and money to help those less fortunate than you. She wasn't 68 or 78 but was 38 and she still died. The rest of the crew had better go for a check up immediately,especially those who smoke and drink.I suspect even though some of the crew are thin, their internal organs (kidney, liver and lungs) are damaged.They're thin/slim because they eat less and not because they exercise and have balanced meals and they only realise it when it's too late.

Anonymous said...

She did not report sick becos she wanna enjoy herself in hk! Booze, sex, drugs, shop and eat! Overdid that and engine overhaul and game over!

Casper said...

How you know?You worked with her? She might just appear on your bed tonight if you're lying!

Casper is right said...

Hahaaa the scum deserves it!

Anonymous said...

Just read this FB post

seems like many crew are saying the same thing :(

Anonymous said...

In the same week a proud Penang daughter passes away, a disgraced Penang son convicted of rape in Canada is set to return to Malaysia today.

Ladies beware. He may want to travel after being in prison for so long and because air travel is cheap, he may choose to fly. If you see him on the plane,ignore him. Cabin crew take note.

Anonymous said...

What about LAX flight? Does cabin crew like to visit LA as well?

Anon said...

True Boh Tong. But, the SIA management would have average out the FA monthly salary at year-end. Its not every month FA fly to Frisco and far flung areas every month every now and then.