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Monday, March 6, 2017

1 out of 4

Over the last one month, I've met some people who on discovering that I used to work for SIA, asked me whether I knew so and so.

  • One asked me whether I knew Larry* who is his family's friend. My answer was a Yes! Then he asked me what do I think of Larry? My answer was "not too good". He then went on and asked me to clarify my point. It was a long story and to cut it short for my readers, I told him that Larry was a high ranking management staff (not cabin crew) and whenever he travelled on our flights, he would traumatised the cabin crew by asking difficult and unrelated questions. He would later on, write to our bosses with a list of complaints about the service.
  • Another one asked me whether I knew a senior steward by the name of *Jim who is his buddy. I told him that Jim was an ass and a sabo-king. An example was that Jim told a female passenger whom my chief steward was dating that he was a married man and ought to be careful of him.
  • An ex-classmate asked me about an ex-colleague (*Ronnie)who used to be his neighbour. I told him that Ronnie was a hypocrite and our boss's informer. When Ronnie was with us, he would condemn the boss but on most mornings when we had not arrive for work, Ronnie would spend time in the boss's office dishing out information regarding our upcoming activities.
  • Finally, this one is a bit more positive. Over coffee my ex-teacher asked me about Mr Lim Chin Beng who was his ex-classmate. Mr Lim was our former CEO. I had this to say about Mr Lim to my ex-teacher: "Mr Lim Chin Beng was a great CEO and a real gentleman. He would chat with us whenever he flew with us. He would listen to our work related problems and help us in the process".
I think there are many nice people in SIA but the above may be a coincident whereby I've been asked about the not so nice SIA people.

* not their real names.


Anonymous said...

Your willingness to be frank when asked about your former colleagues is admirable.Can't stand not so honest pretentious hypocrites.

Sadly,that's the impression some of them give me when I watch those videos featuring SIA staff. Don't know whether they say nice things because they mean it or they feel they have to.

Anonymous said...

Back stabbing in office politics the usual by colleagues to get to the top.Imagine how VY must have felt in her Rank,for sixteen years.SQ must clean up this concept of promotion or it have to wear under armour many layers thick.To atone this could be the 'Head' project by AM AI guys with the oldest lifespan in SQ.Most people will do the expected and give results in line.Only a Trump DNA and Brexit type can change, or crew will suffers the consequences.

Anonymous said...

What has this story have to do with VY? Once the autopsy is complete, its findings will be released. Office politics exists in every organization whether we like it or not.

Anonymous said...

Once one is due and suitable for the next rank,the points system will be collated,including the spoilers of volunteers at CC,coaching at off days etc.Its a once off to game the system so to say.Being top rank at CSS and IFS it become a safe haven and smooth sailing,when the juniors have to do all the work,the toil.In VY case ,being sick why doesnt VY take MC ?Afraid of consequences ,be further penalised ?Next road down ,jobless.Good players include fraternising with U know who and getting sweetheart reports to unbelievable skills and abilities, scale of ten.After 14 years probably the will to fight for her due is a lost cause.Wait till another similarly case turn up or the result of autopsy,probably in the line of heart muscle giving way or in the least medications induced or complications.Whichever we can spwculate,but nothing can bring back the live back,only Wolverine.Office politics is bad in whatever form,only at the end of day or regime can we get even or feel better.Karma will rule in the end.

Anonymous said...

We are trained to say nice things.Comes with the service.Its like a church service,one feels better after going in.We are not your life judge or critics,only like the court jester.

Cannot Tahan said...

Anonymous said...
Once one is due and suitable for the next rank,the points system will be collated,including the spoilers of volunteers at CC,coaching at off days etc......

The 4th anonymous from the top is blabbering nonsense and why did you BT publish it?
It will reduce the quality of your blog by publishing this type of garbage.
Delete it dude!

Anonymous said...

Just leave it. We don't want to impede anyone's freedom. What is garbage to you may not be garbage to others. This isn't MSM you know, where censor this and that. We don't want robots.We want critical thinkers at this blog.