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Friday, March 24, 2017

Grateful to the cabin crew pioneers

Most of the senior stewards who've passed away joined SIA in the early 1970s or late 1960s.
For those who are still around, most if not all, are now in their late sixties or seventies.These crew were ones who helped made SIA inflight service what it is today. We are grateful to them.
As for the stewardesses, they did not work as long as the stewards as they were put on a 5 year contract.


Not proud said...

Would've been better if SIA only employed locals and did well instead of doing well using FTs. SIA is Singaporean in name only. Even the ones featured in some of their popular ads are not locals. We should only use local talent.

LB said...

You almost sound like Trump. Don't forget Singapore is made up of once-immigrants as well.

Anonymous said...

I'm entitled to my own opinion.The country is overrun by so called talented foreigners who probably have an escape plan if anything goes wrong.

Anonymous said...

I agree to the above in the context,these 'foreign talent' think they are talented and started to rule the place as their own.We are still master of this land,maybe ?Those displace I cannot help but feel sorry.

Diam-diam said...

And what is our Worthless Party doing about this?

Anonymous said...

The "pioneers" could not do what they did if
management was more informed. These managers were
no better than ignorant new crew.
The "pioneers" pulled wool over all the managers' eyes.

That era was very different. The company was created from a split
from MSA. It had to succeed. One LKY reputation was at stake.
A lot of free hand was allowed, unchallenged.

If they had managers of today, the "pioneers"
would have responded exactly like the crew of today.
Sullen expressions and very, very tight schedules.

Anonymous said...

I remember this little known facts,that LKY read the latest news from UK,six hours later.From London,a rolls of Papers including the Times,Evening Standard and another News were brought in by the Airport Staff and placed into the FC closet in the Jumbo,the only Aircraft direct to and from London at that time.Arrival into Sin the Manager would retreived the rolls from the closet and couriered to PM Office immediately.It was a daily affair,these News Run,for a long long time.Only those CS and above would be aware of it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, LKY did have the latest print news from LON.

Its also how other departments took advantage of crew and crew division managers.
It was never a procedure written into the manuals for the CS or the SCS ( now IFS)
It was the duty of the LON SQ ground staff ( the SQ catering officer ) to ensure that
the whole stack of papers was loaded onto the aircraft in the FCL baggage container.

But on occasions,that whole stack went missing on arrival at SIN.
It could have been removed either in LON or in SIN.

After that, some bright spark loaded it in the FCL cloak closet, and sometimes in empty compartments at the side of galleys. And since it was now in the cabin, it was
assumed that cabin crew would now be responsible and to account for it.

It was so easy to shift responsibility. Such tactics was soon applied to a host of other things that was the purview of other departments but dumped into crew laps.
And the Directors, managers, CCE were all fully aware of the abuse, yet did nothing.

Even subsidiary companies under the SQ family took advantage.
BKK supplied SATS catering large shipments of thai asparagus and string beans. These were supposed to be loaded as cargo. They ended up in the galleys occupying empty slots meant for meal carts.

Engineering too shipped parts, though they were small.
Mistuibishi from KIX ( Osaksa ) had parts placed in ship's bag to be shipped to SIN
for the aerobridges at Changi T2.

The distribution of immigration landing cards and customs forms was originally the responsibility of check in staff. It became crew's duties.

Crew division is the easiest to overcome from an inter divisional perspective. They end up with the bad end of the stick. Anything Inflight Services ( a department within Marketing... nothing to do with crew division )wants to do, crew division would be the default go-to to 'pow-ka-leow'.

So much for newspapers for the old man... bet he never knew the drama behind it all.
( not that he should )

And after this post, some people in the know will come out with another tactic, the classic ad hominem. ( attacking the person and character rather that the content )

Anonymous said...

The pioneers of the Airlines would probably passed into History but some don't write a nice postcribe nor tell a story and nobody will be any wiser.As a matter of tales it makes a nice read,strange but true procedures,which in the current situations unthinkable. Of course the 'roll' of news,the size of a half baquette loaf ,unmarked and nondescript was guardedly jealessly to ensure its arrival and into the hand of the courier. I think it was at least 15 years run.Then comes the Internet and all ended I suppose. To think that we played a role is good enough. Now you know.

Anonymous said...

Does Asiana,BA,Air France, ANA, Turkish,Quantas, Eva, Lufthansa all hire foreign talents as crew or they rely on local talent?