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Saturday, March 11, 2017

How to delete the malicious malware in your devices

To those cabin crew wannabes (or anyone for that matter) who were tricked into downloading my so called "free e-guide" from the wicked website, your PC or mobile devices will be infected with malware. The malware will disrupt your devices operation by diverting you to other undesireable sites, freeze your devices and may steal your password etc.
Once infected, the first thing you may see when you switch on your devices are below.

  • a home page called will divert you to other sites as in Image 1 or
  • your devices will freeze or hang as in Image 2
Image 1

Image 2

It is very annoying to be infected with the above. As for image 1, it's not too bad but if  image 2 appears on your screen your device will freeze.

However, this is not the end of the world because you can get rid of the above by googling for a free an anti malware software named " Zemana AntiMalware" (below image). Download "Zemana" and follow the instructions and in about 15 minutes you would have gotten rid of the malware. Hope it helps. "Zemana" will help delete all vicious malwares in your system.

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