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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Retitling of IFS to IFM

This is the third time in the 45 year history of Singapore Airlines that the title of the C-I-C (Crew-in-Charge) has been retitled. In 1973, when the first B747 started operation,
the C-I-C was known as Senior Chief Steward (SCS). One year later, it was changed to Inflight Supervisor (IFS). Effective 1 April this year, it will be known as Inflight Manager (IFM). I do not know the reason/s why it is retitled to IFM.
As for the first change from SCS to IFS, the reason was because the IFS salary scale was one step higher than the SCS (SCS and CS was in the same salary range).
However, the retitling of IFS to IFM does not involve any change in salary structure nor condition of work. The present basic salary of the IFS/IFM is between $2,650 - $4,260. However, as far as I know all IFS/IFM starts with around or more than $3,675 unless he/she is promoted when he/she was a junior CS or CSS (so called high flyer) whose basic salary is between $2,300 - $3,675.


Anonymous said...

No big deal. Just like the recent publication in the newspapers of an only bicycles lane for bikers. The Netherlands have had such lanes for decades. Cyclist lanes take bikers from the city centre all the way into the heartlands and countryside all over Holland. Singapore has become a nation of laggards, not knowing how to plan and compete like its forefathers.

QANTAS and some other airlines have for so many years called their CIC as IFM or even IFD.

Anonymous said...

Why so many cities here when Singapore is a city state? Changi City, Turf City, Ngee Ann City......what for? Cities are found in continents. Examples NYC, Century City, Denver City, City of London, Daly City, Pasay City and lots more. Some highly paid people obviously do not understand how to name places correctly.

Anonymous said...

This is what hokkiens say- ownself say, ownself song.

Anonymous said...

Different name by same old rubbish. Ego boost for Little Napoleons in the cabin.

Anonymous said...

Expect more work ahead.But do not include loose hands or management can touch ?Don't be carried away by renaming. Can feed family ?

Anonymous said...

Boost ego, boost morale, some IFM now believe they are Managers and
of equal rank or higher than sexy... he is Assistant Manager.

Without any increase in pay too.

Anonymous said...

Yah..... just flew with one who is already bragging his is a MANAGER now

Anonymous said...

Public toilet cleaner also manager of toilet

Anonymous said...

So does he get upgraded business class for paxing and staff travel? No right? Only name change. Chey

Dun be jeli said...

A rose is a rose by any other name.

So go on, call yourself manager and be proud.

Ignore the haters.