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Saturday, March 25, 2017

SIA cabin crew does not give bad service

This is one thing that I am quite sure of, our cabin crew does not give bad inflight service to their passengers. At worst, they may provide service that is mediocre or average.
On most of my flights as a passenger, I've had received more good than average service. Mind you, I am talking about crew who did not know nor recognised me as their former cabin crew executive.
I've left SIA 14 years ago and most crew do not know me except for the senior ones. Even then, I've received good service from them, the junior ones.
I will consider the service as bad when the service provider is rude or inefficient.
On the other hand mediocre service to me are:

  • crew does not exudes the warmth they are supposed to
  • crew do not smile much
  • the occasional cold bread rolls 
  • the lukewarm hot beverages
  • lacking presence in the cabin during the lull period
If only cabin crew could improve on the 5 points which I mentioned, then my next post title will be
"SIA's inflight service is the best in the world".

If you think Emirate service is good then read here


Anonymous said...

You're very gracious. Try flying with any of the big 3 Middle Eastern airlines before assessing SQ's in-flight service. Economy doesn't feel like Economy.There's a sense of luxury all round.They also don't need tight fitting attire to impress passengers and what's more some even have headgear. We judge them solely on their service.

Anonymous said...

Not having those attributes that Bohtong pointed out equals to poor service. BT was
trying to be diplomatic and not offending.

Anonymous said...,18_KO19,36.htm

Good service extends to the hotel? (video titled SIA stewardess in the bedroom)

And don't get me started on what Hilary, a former crew had to say about SIA.

Try again SQ!

JG said...

Emirate service is indeed lousy. That's why now I rather pay more to fly with Singapore Airlines!

Anonymous said...

To be honest EK doesn't need passengers like you anyway.

Anonymous said...

Prerequisites :No more procedures like VY case, when MC needed go for it,no penalty.Crew meals available adequate and able to provide necessary energy for them to do PR.Reduce unnecessary procedures that saps the Crews strength. All procedures to be run through by the Crews itself instead of by sole person and then promoted.Knowledge and workability comes from experiences and practical moved not orders from high up in the Ivory Towers. Can only sees the footprints and poos from higher view.Feedbacks smoothen the procedures.Ad hoc moves to implement in longer flight time could mean optimum performance rather than reported as not following procedures. Those on the ten top list should be counsel and retrain why the were unanimous voted as such.No one can judge oneself.Behave like a tyrant on board and think they doing the Co a good deed are wrong.I don't think for once Crews purposely fails to deliver good service. Make the conditions better and you get the best.

Dead man speaks... said...

The workload on board can be reduced.
Trouble with SQ is that the management believes that more is best.
The concept should be ( in sequence )

That should not take more than 2.5hrs in total on a full load.(YCL&JCL)
It is a measurable KPI.

Inflight Sales only for flight time above 3.5hrs.

And stop fooling around with the damn cabin lighting.
And stop endless announcements.
And stop all the damn towels.

Keep it short, sweet and simple

But have the crew well trained in PR, body language and facial expressions, tone.
This is an area that SQ can differentiate from other airlines.
That means practice extreme wayang-ness.

Focus on that human-ness.

Every bloody airline uses the same aircraft with similar software and hardware.
But SQ can promote personality.
Sadly, they rather promote back stabbing and tell tales about each other.
This is entrenched by managers and CCE and union.

Only luck and good fortune can help them.

Anonymous said...

Oh the video of the SIA stewardess in bed hahaha very loud.

Anonymous said...

No Pictures .... I bet its recording from some Porn site ... Seriously you smart guys out there believe that ?

Ain't suprised said...

Actually it's not uncommon for the stewardesses to offer themselves to passengers,especially in Business or First Class. That's why the company prefers non married ones do they can accompany lonely wealthy Business travellers. Some passengers are lucky enough to get the phone numbers of these stewardesses. Sometimes the girls will hint they're 'available'. Happens at other airlines too.

Anonymous said...

I usually fly SIA / Silkair and somehow feel they discriminate against Asians, including Singaporeans. Whites tend to be given better treatment when it comes to sitting arrangements, services etc.

In a non- full flight, I notice there is a higher percentage when it comes to 2 Whites traveling together to be given 3 seats amongst them, compared to Asians. Also when it comes to serving liquor, I notice after pouring the wine or beer from the bottle or can respectively, they will leave the remainder of the contents in the bottle/can when the passenger, if he/she is a White, whereas when it comes to Asians, they will retain the bottle/can to serve another Asian.

Just wondering if other people notice such stuff.

I am bahii said...

Ang moh default drink 24 cans
Asian default is just tasting..

Just ask for it lah.. so sensitive.
You think Ang moh sensitive if not offered alcohol?
They just ask!! nothing personal.

Asian dare not talk face2face... but dare to file
complain by writing, over the silliest things... like
no chilli sauce, no warm water.. aircon too cold.. etc.

Ang moh asks
Asian expect mind reading...

Anonymous said...

Yes agree with previous previous Anon, that Whites get better treatment than Asians, including true blue NS serving Sinkies.It's OK Anon, there's always Qatar Airways.