Monday, March 13, 2017

These bags should complement the SIA Girl uniform

The SIA Girl Kebaya uniform is so famous that some companies are making bags using the almost similar type of the SIA Girl Kebaya Batik material. These bags are selling like hot cakes. The bulk of their customers are the tourists. Even our friends in foreign countries have asked us to buy for them. The topmost bag in the post is priced at S$15 and the 2 pieces (reversible) is S$25. We bought them from a shop at Far East Plaza. If I am not wrong, the factory cost of each bag ranges from $2 to $5. 


Anonymous said...

The SIA kebaya is darn famous and many men want to sleep
with the real SIA Gals and willing to pay them. One thing
must be present to attest to the genuine SIA gals and that
is the airplane cabin smell is mixed with the kebaya, if you
know what I mean or perhaps Bohtong could explain further haha.

Anonymous said...

How about the unmarried handsome stewards?Is it hard to get their number? Do they only want young pretty passengers?

Anonymous said...

You are paying plenty for the fantasy,believe me after working apnn flight,or turn around everything smells stale and you save yourself lots without such fantasies.Buy yourself a good meals,better than anything else.