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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Why the earlier ifs had to retire at 55

There was a time when all ifs had to retire at age 55. The company refused request from the union to extend their retirement age to 57/58. Reason was (unofficial) some or a few bad apples ifs were lazy and did not carry out their duties diligently. These ifs were known as "klkk" or in Hokkien literally means "walk here walk there" and did not participate in the service on board. Because of these bad apples, the ifs retirement age was not extended.
Some of these bad apples drank alcohol while on duty. Some would sleep, read or had their juniors served them meals in the first class cabin. Those days, the juniors were very "kuai" and dare not report to the management regarding ifs behaviour.
Once most of these bad apples left at 55, the company renegotiated with the union and allowed the other ifs to retire progressively at 57, 58, 60 and 62.


Anonymous said...

What's change? Now still got supervisor like that. Shake leg, expect junior do everything.

Anonymous said...

CX downsize staff ,so SQ could follow suit. Too many cases of overpriced and overhere and oversex IFS getting into complain from LSS.Better to clear the swamp of logs,cheaper and newer and warned logs.It shows crew lifestyle not healthy, it's crazy and bad judgement. Don't feel sorry if they got into trouble, before they put others crews into trouble.The future not good anyway,lose the glamour, now gory,the fun out of flight.Only due to urgency and life and death situations. Pressure to save money on the biggest commodity, which is crew.

SUNNY GALE said...

The extension of the age from 55 to 62 has got nothing to do with kkkk but due to the aging population and therefore vital to keep people working as long as they are healthy. This phenomenon is apparent to the World as a whole and not only to Singapore.