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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

All kind of passengers

The economy class passenger.

He opened the biz class curtains from the economy class side and tried entering the biz class toilet. "Sir, please use the toilets at the rear..!"..stewardess Janet said and at the same time trying to stop him.
Pax warned Janet he had a full bladder and simultaneously unzipped his pants ,took out his fly and tried to pee on the floor of the biz class.
Instantly, Janet opened the biz toilet and let that pax in without any resistance.

The passenger who faked illness.

He let out a loud and sharp scream and fainted on the aisle of the aircraft. There was a commotion and someone shouted to the cabin crew to help that passenger who had just collapsed.
Leading steward rushed to the passenger and tried to apply cpr to revive him. Passenger regained consciousness and later in a soft weak voice told John he had a weak heart and was suffering from a lack of oxygen.
Within 10 minutes, the passenger was allocated a seat in the first class which was quite empty and told to rest.
That passenger rested in the first class cabin throughout the 12 hour flight plus ate his first class breakfast before arrival at his destination.
The crew suspected he faked illness to be upgraded to first class.

This one cheated the airline!

On boarding,he saw many vacant seats in the first class. Just as the doors were about to close,he politely asked the supervisor to upgrade him to the first class. He told the supervisor he was willing to pay the difference in the fare between economy and first class. He added that he was a diabetic and had fainting spells.
The supervisor told the passenger he was not able to calculate the difference in the airfare but asked the passenger to settle it with the ground staff when he arrived at his destination. The passenger agreed.
Upon arrival at his destination, that passenger hurriedly left the aircraft in spite of the supervisor's repeated pleas to have him settle the airfare with the station manager.
That passenger did not pay a cent for the fare difference.

This passenger begged the captain....

It was a full flight and realising he could not get a seat on the flight, he begged the captain to take him in his cockpit ( before Sept 11,the captain of the flight could use discretion to seat pax in the cockpit). He told the captain his wife was about to give birth to a pair of twins and must be back in London. 
After agreeing to conditions laid down by the captain, the passenger was allowed to travel to London in the cockpit.(one of the conditions was, there would be no passenger meals catered for him).
However, during the flight,the cabin crew served the passenger in the cockpit 2 crew meals and drinks.
One week after that flight, cabin crew division received a complaint from that cockpit passenger accusing the cabin crew of depriving him of his meals.

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