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Friday, April 21, 2017

Can these be true?

Things I heard coming your way but not confirmed yet :

  • No bread & butter in the economy class (EY)
  • Above to be replaced by small kaya bun
  • No menu cards in the EY
  • No more towels in the EY
  • No plating in JCL (biz class)
  • RCS or Returning Crew Scheme (for pregnant girls only), max absence is 5 years
  • RES or Re-employment Scheme, max 3 years absence


You die your business said...

small kaya bun? economy really economy. so stingy SQ

Anonymous said...

might as well don't serve at all.. how much can they save?

Anonymous said...

They can do away with the menu card, provided they have the menu listed out in the IFE system, so passengers can have an 1st hand idea of what to expect during the meal service, it will be tedious for crew, especially those doing SIN/LHR/SIN where EY cabin have 3 choices of main course eg : Oriental, Indian & Continental style.
As for no bread roll, no butter, I am certain that it will cast a very bad impression with the European passengers, as SQ is consider to be a premium 5 stars carrier, if they do away with the hot towel, they will make no different from other carrier, eg : Emirate, Qatar.
If all these cost cutting measure put in place, then they better seriously consider to lower their airfare, as it is becoming no different from a "Budget"airlines except you don't have to pay for checked in luggage.

Anonymous said...

Not an bad idea to do away with plating main meal for JCL. After all, that was it started out originally. This will save time and labour and paxs need not be kept waiting.

Anonymous said...

The long N/S are nearing its end. Ultra long haul flights are the direction of the future. Should maintain the inflight meal allowances and make IFA payable from reporting time.