Sunday, April 2, 2017

He is nicer now than before

I was at Ikea restaurant for lunch. I was trying to get my cutlery but a fat old guy got in my way. "Oops" he exclaimed almost bumping into me. " My apology... erh erh..after you" he gestured me to get my cutlery. His tone of voice was polite and somewhat familiar. I couldn't recognize him at first but after a few seconds, I remembered him as a former SIA captain. He smiled at me and I reciprocated. I don't think he recognized me.
This captain wasn't a nice person to work with. He was arrogant and aloof. But now that he has retired, he seemed to be a better and polite person.
Sometime, I think people become better and nicer as they grow older.....but then why wait till your dying days to be nice to others?

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Anonymous said...

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