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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Messages update from crew


Anonymous said...

How you know the FSS 'blew'the FS? U got see meh? And why cover windows with newspaper? FSS in cockpit too? It's all happening!

ahkuahfoo said...


easier to read the papers.. wide screen format.
No hoarding of papers like in library.
Everyone read at the same time.

Added benefit:

keeps the sun out of the eyes.
Cockpit wind screen not like pax window.
I know.. I was their coffee gal.

Anonymous said...

Captain was a 41 years old Malaysian. RIP Capt!

Anonymous said...

Ayoo Malaysian captain :(

Dia ingat tingkap tu boleh buat tinted ke?

Newspaper buat Vkool.

Condolence to the family.

Anonymous said...

9Ist a bad place.Nearly got fixed and robbed but hit back.The two guys fighting in front of you and one behind.Then at the fixed one person passage,punch each other,while the person behind try your pocket.Been there before and fought my way out with my brolly,instantly,having been tuned.The Captain could be fixed if CCTV can proved a 3rd party.Happen to a young First Officer,he got shanghaied and room broken into.Paradise and safety only in Sin City.In the case of the FS,an Italian case for rape was dismissed when the lady said enough.Implied consent.But cannot judge when happened this time around.Next time some selfy of consent before whatever as case in an Arab country.Case dismiss by the court.Last case of similar IFS then demoted to LS ,but resigned by Mr Juice.Hope it help.

Anonymous said...

In actual fact the front of the plane seems to be the brightest and not necessarily good for the eye.Covering with newspaper normally in the cruise mode and stop glares.They got the right to protect their eyes.What is the problems and ghost on outside the windscreen conplain ?

Anonymous said...

Ayo tint the window lah.3m,vkool,ecotint etc or wear good quality shades like Oakley.

Anonymous said...

It's a very common thing to do to use newspapers/spare charts/rough paper to shield the sun in the flight deck. Too many ignorant cabin crew these days - they think they know everything and they call their job 'flying' but sadly, they know nothing. Sometimes, wonder if these little girls who want to 'see the world' can carry out their basic SEP correctly when required.

Anonymous said...

Was it natural death?Suicide? The person who reported him will have blood on his hands. Any updates on VY cause of death? Too many MY crew dying young in recent years. Karma?Bad feng shui? Bad tofu? Suicide?

Anonymous said...

Is a pair of sunglasses beyond the reach of these pilots? Have come across similar cases before. The wind shield is not meant to be covered at all.

Understand said...

The glare from sunlight, even in clouds, is very acute.
Sunglasses help, but its not friendly in an environment that requires
close team work. The instrument panel uses different lighting and
sunglasses cut glare but disallows good views of the instruments.

Aircraft manufacturers do provide anti glare shades. These are detachable pieces
of plastic that requires screw mounts. In theory they are perfect. In practice its
a burden to deploy and remove.

A pilot's career is almost life-long. Their vision is an important sense that goes
with that career... same as a pianist's fingers. Lose them and thats it... game over.
Newspapers are aplenty and cheap to dispose. It does not affect the safety of the flight during cruise altitude... if you can see another aircraft, coming the other way, its probably the last time.

Its sad that he was reported for using newspapers. It was a time when passengers were
allowed into the cockpit. Lots of misunderstandings, misinformed people.

May he rest in peace, condolences to his family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bohtong, you didn't reply my email on 24 April... May i know why? Please?

Boh Tong said...

I did not receive your email. Please email me again.