Saturday, April 8, 2017

No respect for their seniors

Standards of the newer crew are dropping, most come onboard without manners, some even think the senior crew owes them a living. In STC, some even look at me from top to bottom a few times and walked away. Makes me wonder if it's really that difficult now to get thru the interview.

From : A current crew

The above was a comment from a crew pertaining to the trainee or new cabin crew. Perhaps, this is the general view of most "senior" crew regarding the newbie stewards and stewardesses.
My question is : who's to blame for such an attitude? Is it through the influence of the instructors? Or is it the way the so-called seniors behaving themselves or is it the manner the present young generation is brought up?

Let's us hear your view.


Anonymous said...

Respect has to be earned!Seniors also don't respect juniors and treat them like children. They often abuse their seniority, knowing juniors are unlikely to complain especially if they're new and on probation.

Anonymous said...

Ask the so called 'seniors' now. Did you showed any respect to your seniors when you are junior? Now you dare to start demanding respect!?

Unknown said...

Younger generations are too spoiled and I am one of those morons on board. I am not proud to be millenial.

Leng lui said...

MY juniors just wanna cari makan. No need bully them.

Rainbow flag said...

There will not be any respect when management encourages
360 feedback. Seniors will just 'go by the book'.
Juniors will just do as the book states.

360 feedback is not appropriate for this type of
work structure. It may be applicable for office based structures.
Team cohesiveness is needed more in crew environment than elsewhere.

Seniors are just seniors because of time in the company.
Not because of skill or technical knowledge.
Experience?.. they rather keep that close to their chests.. no sharing.
The juniors can accumulate their own experiences.. no difference.

The old CCE and AM still want to present an illusion of 'seniors'
when they themselves do not support the 'seniors' at all.
Action & behaviours speaks louder than circulars.

Anonymous said...

What experience? How to dip satay in oil? How to sterilise tongs in hot water on ground? How to chill beer using ice? All this is call experience?
Balls to you all

Anonymous said...

Experience in molesting your colleagues. Seniors can teach juniors that.

Anonymous said...

Honestly speaking, some of these senior crew just behaving too arrogant amid that they are in the company for a long period of time, and kept telling the general public about their "Ton"of benefit working for SQ. We have been on some holiday trips with some local travel agency, and quite often, we have tourmate who are staff of SQ, be it SIA Engineering/Cabin Crew or Admin, they will tell the rest of the tour members, their air ticket is free including their immediate family, and they only pay X$ for fuel/airport taxes, while the public is paying exorbitant amount for the fuel tax, that can amount to 2.5K for a family of 4 to the US, then, they will tell everyone, who they know of the CIC, can get 1st & Biz class, waiver of excess baggage charge etc.

Do you have to be so "How Lian" aka "Show off", knowing that those junior crew that join the company after 2004, bulk of them are no longer in full employment but under contract, their fringe benefit has certainly no way in comparison to the senior, and as a senior crew, please note "Respect is to be earn not given"! & stop bragging about your "Benefit"!

Anonymous said...

When you dont have very much,
you have to inflate whatever you have.
Its like push up bra.

Anonymous said...

Senior crew sometime act to respect?

Anonymous said...

Some of these old staff are still living in the Ivory Tower and soon find themselves being told off in the face. Luxury, good life and respect can come only from example.

Anonymous said...

these stuck up 'seniors' should realise that everyone is just there for work, why are they creating dramas internally? instead can't they just unite as a company to provide good service to pax? instead of bragging or even bitching in the galley or even business class galley because that's where the seniors are, about the new p plate crew or the sny, can't they just go provide better service in the cabin? walk in the cabin, talk to your pay masters and etc etc

a lot of so called senior crews are abusing their so called seniority, instead of properly educating the new crews on how to work effectively and efficiently, they would always scream at them about 'what have you learnt in the training school?'. A lot of them are behaving like kings and queens waiting to be served by the juniors, they should come to realise that thou it is a ranked based company, everyone is the same, the purple red green blue have their duties to do on board, don't expect anyone to do it for you, but if someone have done it for you, of course thank them, but then again if you want a drink why can't you help yourself but instead bragging to other crews that the junior don't respect you because they didn't offer you a drink when you are there, you have hands for reasons and one of it is to help yourself when you want a drink, or if your parents have nurtured you on any other ways, my apologies to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the seniors are reluctant to 'share' knowledge because when they were juniors, their seniors didn't offer much guidance also. They want the juniors to feel the same pain they felt when they started off.

Anonymous said...

SQ crew may not be the world's best but they at least treat passengers with respect unlike the crew in the video below.

Shame on you UA. PRCs are irritating but he's a self paying passenger.Overbooking is who's fault?

SQ would've handled this better perhaps.

Anonymous said...

"...SQ would've handled this better perhaps. "


They would have kicked the employee down to YCL and uprgaded the pax to PCL.
And... allocate a centre seat for the employee too... next to a mother with a
crying infant.

And tell the employee that he should be bloody thankfull he was not offloaded.
( also, no choice in YCL menu either! )

Anonymous said...

This was a case of overbooking that have led to pax without an allocated seat. Yes, SQ crew very often handle its paxs well and with dignity. The blood on the victim's face is not something that we would normally expect. This victim reserves the right to file a law suit against the airline.

Anonymous said...

They needed four to get off the plane and they picked Asian pax including the Dr. That is going the extra mile to accommodate your employees!

Anonymous said...

I think respect goes both ways. Personally I feel that some seniors are just stuck in time and expect juniors to follow practices that they used to follow when they were juniors. Times have changed. Having said that, some junior crew especially fresh grads with no work experience have zero EQ when dealing with pax or crew.

Anonymous said...

There is a mismatch with salaries for graduates and non graduates.
Just because a crew has a degree, he/she gets more $$ despite not
having appropriate skills like EQ.

None of the degree's modules matches the role and responsibilities of a cabin crew.
No analysis, statistics or even a powerpoint is required.
Ultimately its attitudes and a keen sense of emotional cues is more appropriate.

Well, thats how the 'system' has been constructed and that will remain.
Academia trumps all. No Jack Ma required in Cabin crew.