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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

SIN/SFO VV is not a ULR flight during the summer months

I heard that in order to qualify as an ULR or Ultra Long Range flight, the crew's duty time should be beyond 18 hours. This is not so during the summer schedule as the duty time will fall below 18 hours. As for the winter schedule, I am quite sure it may be considered as ULR as the head wind is stronger.
So what happens when the SIN/SFO is not a ULR flight? The main thing that concerns the crew is they will not be getting the triple IFA or Incentive Flying Allowance payment. Instead, they will be paid 2.5 times IFA. For an IFM whose IFA is $22 per hour and a stewardess $12.80, they would be paid $55 instead of $66 and $32 instead of $38.40 respectively. This is unfortunate because initially many thought the SIN/SFO vv are ULR flights.
However, I believe, the company may compensate the crew in other ways, let's hope so.


Anonymous said...

ULR is not 18 hours and beyond, it should be beyond 18 hours.

Anonymous said...

ULR should be avoided as it poses a few medical concerns.



Boh Tong said...

First Anonymous thanks for the correction :)

Anonymous said...

Last time Lax was classified under ULR too? Wonder why the commotion this time round.