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Monday, May 15, 2017

Aloha Hawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii here comes SCOOT!

 SCOOT, a subsidiary of SIA should be flying to HNL via OSA by the end of this year. SCOOT is waiting for USA authority's approval.
If priced attractively, the flight will be quite full as Hawaii is one of the world' most beautiful places to visit. HNL is the capital of Hawaii and among other things is famous for its Waikiki Beach.
In the 1980s, SIA used to fly to HNL and we crew loved the 2 to 3 nightstops there. It was scrapped due a decline in passenger load. The pattern was SIN/HKG/HNL/LAX vv.
Unconfirmed passenger fare on SCOOT is less than S$1,000 for a return trip.

The movie "Blue Hawaii" starring Elvis Presley and Joan Blackman in 1961 attracted my attention. During that time I was still studying in school but vowed one day I will visit Hawaii. I did visit Hawaii as a cabin crew some 20 years later. It was one of my favorites destinations,second only to London.


Anonymous said...

Prefer Alaska and Iceland.

Eskimo said...

Yup you must be my country buddy?